Thursday, March 01, 2007

All Sorts of News

This morning I'm feeling okay even tho it was another night with continual wake-ups & back-to-sleeps for work.

TheBrad came back to work yesterday afternoon and we got the whole story. He was taken outside his house while his mom watched on CCTV. The asked if he had a tracker in his car and if he lied to them they would kill him. They asked him for his bank card pins and his laptop log-in. He told them he'd already drawn his limit for the day because he knew how much was in his wallet. Eventually they dropped him off in the veld somewhere with his hands tied with masking tape and left him his driver's license and debit card.

He walked for just over 2 hours and eventually got a lift into Westonaria. About 20 minutes after his dad picked him up, they found his car. Only the laptop, his gym bag and a few rands in small change were taken. The car was in the same condition as before, his sunglasses and cricket bat were still there.

Anyway, he seems to be handling it pretty well and has settled into work getting everything re-installed and whatnot. I'm still on stand-by tho :P

Yesterday afternoon I had my "interview" with JofH. It seems like it'd be a good move. The company is cool and doing well and I already know so many of the staff - they're a tight bunch. I'll be waiting till I hear what my increase & bonus here will be before giving him the magic number and taking things further. Should be in the next few weeks :) Oh, and I have an interview for that project my ex-Principal wanted me for next week sometime. But I doubt I'm remotely interested in that, the company is far too similar to where I already am. Interesting times.

Met up with Varen in the evening and got Ghazal's take-out and watched some more of House. Skipped The Amazing Music Group this month because I had no new music and I really needed to get some sleep ... kicked Varen out at about 9:30PM even!

And that is all my news ... except I went to the Dentist this morn. A lovely guy referred by LouLou :) Will be seeing him again shortly since my third and final wisdom tooth seems to be making it's way to the surface and it needs to be pulled (like the other two). Thankfully this is a fairly painless process for me since the other two had erupted completely and were just yanked under local anesthetic. This one will be the same, even tho it's still partially under the gum, it's close enough to the surface not to warrant General Anesthetic - thank goodness!

Oh, and YAY! I passed the 1000 vistor mark on my blog sometime between yesterday & today. Not bad for a blog that was started in November :)


Phlippy said...

Hey Phillygirl, congrats on the 1000 mark, such a nice feeling! Sorry to hear about the ordealyour friend went through. I had a friend who went through a very similar ordeal Unfortunately he was not so lucky. I'm happy your friend is still ok ;-)

Keep well

phillygirl said...

Yeah, I am relieved he's okay too ... It's the first person I actually know personally who has been thru something like this and it just brings home all the stuff you read in the news that just happens to "other people"!

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