Friday, March 23, 2007

I Want A Crystal Ball Too

After yesterday's marathon blogging ... three posts in one day, I really must learn to pace myself a little better ;) Anyway, there's not too much of interest to impart to the world today. Humph.

Last night I went to my current-company-of-choice's 2006 Year End Result's party. It wasn't bad. It was pretty badly attended tho, and they put all that effort into ensuring there was no snoozing during the speeches. They were pretty funny :) And then Varen showed up just in time to miss the speeches but not the food.

That was fun. There were about 8 people from our entire department of 65 or so ... but there was free food and drink. And somehow I managed to tell my Big Boss my plans for the annoying project team I mentioned yesterday ... yes, the firing them all one. I don't think he went for it, damn. This morning they have already managed to make my blood boil. It's a wonder my head has not yet exploded.

Oh and since we get on really well I let him in on the fact that I'd made my decision and I was still working here. Which he was pretty pleased about. And then he proceeded to ask me if the company name started with a C. OMG. He has secret powers of deduction ... to the point he managed to guess JofH's name when I told him my friend with the offer was one of the directors there. Gawd. How does he know all this. I am still in shock. It's a terrible thing when your Big Boss owns a magic crystal ball ... that actually works!


Phlippy said...

Wowza, I think JofH and your boss were in cahoots and it was all a big test!

The Divine Miss M said...

Yes, it does sound that way! You know the whole world is just one big conspiracy ... ;)

phillygirl said...

Nah, JofH is too good a friend for that. The real reason is a *lot* more boring ... but equally scary ;)

I am one of those rare talents of both logic & creativity, which my Big Boss knows and he has shares in a company doing the New Media type work I used to do in CT. I even once asked if he would ever try to poach me for them (apparently not) ... And JofH's company is one of very few in competition with his other interest. It's not an ideal explanation, but I still think it's damn scary!

The Divine Miss M said...

Fair enough. I want to be poached. Offered loads more money and feel like I'm special ;)

The Divine Miss M said...


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