Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Finale

5. Job Decision
It appears I cannot be bought. Just recently (perhaps as many as 5 minutes ago) I turned down JofH's job offer. It was tough to do and tougher to explain to my friend. Oddly enough this was the decision I made back when I first started posting about this ... then the sliding-scale arrived and I changed my mind again. But I'm back at the original decision, which must mean it was the right one all along, right?

It wasn't based on anything truly tangible, it's more about the timing in my life right now and a general gut-feel. Which sounds completely pathetic but I can't explain it any better than that. Things are fairly chaotic in a number of aspects of my life currently … between trying to decide whether to stay and settle in SA or give it a go in London (only for a year or two and to try not to disappoint my dear friend, The Divine Miss M) and my ever-fluctuating relationship status.

Which means that right now I need something to remain stable, I am Taurean, after all ;) And the gut-feel I can't really explain any better than that. I know I complain about some aspects of working here (like in the previous post, for example!), but I do like it here … currently more than previously and that's purely in a work sense, which is rare for me.

Anyway, that is pretty much what I wrote to him and he was very understanding and a really good friend about it ... Thanks, it is appreciated as always :)


The Divine Miss M said...

Yes I think that coming to London for a couple of years is a FANTASTIC idea :) I need someone to play with.
Please don't worry about the so called "failed relationships" because as a friend of mine always says - You are just learning another way NOT to make a lightbulb

phillygirl said...

Pahahahahahaha. That is hysterical. It never occurred to me that I was trying to make a light bulb ;) Perhaps that's where I've been going wrong all these years!

The Divine Miss M said...

Yes it is. People out there, we have all been making a major mistake ... lightbulbs are what we should be making NOT relationships :)
Actually the expression stems from Thomas Eddison when he was inventing the lightbulb - it apparently took him a rather large amount of attempts to get it correct and when someone asked him if eh would have rather just made it once and perfect he replied by saying - No as each mistake taught him another way that he was supposed to not make a lightbulb and only by knowing how not to make something can you eventually understand how to make it work perfecty ;)

phillygirl said...

That is a beautiful story ... sniff.

I'm just a little worried ... Varen & I tried to work it out the other day ... Even if I divide the population of the world in half (keeping all the men), remove the ones in the wrong age brackets like really old or young, slim it down a little more by only keeping the English-speaking white men ... then if I can manage to meet at least one of them every day, I'll get to live forever ;)

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