Friday, March 30, 2007

No Rant Today

So, that plan back-fired. The meeting was surprisingly good, perhaps it's because I was holding the white-board marker and provided the solution and kept everybody happy and the project on track ;) Nothing like a job well done.

Which means that I can't be blogging right now, I have development to start ... but have no fear, there's no doubt I'll feel the need to rant another time, so all will not be lost. I'll just spend some time in the Jhb traffic once the schools have re-opened and I'll be on top form again, I'm sure ;)

Have a fabulous weekend! It's the 2007 SA Blog Awards this evening and I'm really looking forward to it! Will report back on Monday, hopefully with good news :)


Phlippy said...

Damnit man! Was so expecting a rant... sigh. Need to go find someones elses blog to fulfill my needs... Hurrumph.

See you lata

Matt said...

nice 2 meet u @ cool runnings

phillygirl said...

@matt - you're going to have to be more specific ... i met loads of people there ;) and your profile is hidden ... which makes things very tricky. Jessica Landsbury, I am not.

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