Friday, March 30, 2007

TV Night

So I'm starting this post with not much direction in mind ... consider it an experiment in wandering conversation with oneself ;)

Last night was nice and relaxing ... Loulou and I had a quiet dinner at home and caught up on all sorts of tv. Prison Break from Tuesday night (had to be skipped since there were more important things, like Book Club), Men in Trees - my first time watching this, it's okay, but not somehting I'm going to get bent out of shape about missing if I'm out and about and the start of the new season of CSI: Las Vegas - my old fav is back, and just as good as I remembre CSI to be ... I think the characters in this one are better than Miami, and I haven't really watched enough of New York to form an opinion, not that that would ordinarily stop me ;)

And then I managed to start DH Season 2 ... I know I'm a bit behind here, but I heard it was a pretty rubbish season so have been putting it off. It started okay ... And I'm not one of those uber-fans of the first season either. Going along it was pretty enjoyable but the ending was crap.

And then what ... nothing much really. But I do have the beginnings of a rant in my head ... I'm just not in that mood this morning - yet. I have a meeting for a project with yet another annoying project manager - it must be a job requirement? This guy doesn't invite everyone to the meetings (me, hello?) and is so concerned about the ridiculous time-lines of his project instead of getting it done right. Do people never learn ... ? Anyway, they want some project done by April 11th ... and we haven't yet started development. Let's just say his expectations are more than unlikely.

Anyway, that wasn't even the rant that I have brewing ... but I'm sure a meeting with him will be enough to put me in the right mood for my original rant.

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