Monday, March 19, 2007

Over Again.

So, it was an interesting weekend.

Friday was quite quiet. Varen came over and we got take-out pizza from my fav pizza restaurant, Sfigati in Bryanston. I love their pizza cause of the thin base and the divine toppings. And they make it part of their menu to have a half&half. Which is fabulous! And then we got Adaptation out on dvd cause he hadn't seen it and I think it's brilliant.

The screenplay is based on a true story. After the success of his screenplay for Being John Malkovich, Kaufman was hired to write a screenplay based on Susan Orlean's book, The Orchid Thief. However, he soon realized that the book simply couldn't be filmed. As he came under increasing pressure to turn in a screenplay, the "adaptation" became a story of a screenwriter's attempt to write a screenplay about a book that can't be adapted into a screenplay. Kaufman handed the script to his employers in the firm belief he would never work again. Instead, the backers enjoyed the script so much they decided to abandon the original project and film Kaufman's screenplay instead.

Saturday was nice but we spent it doing our own thing. I had loads of admin to do (ticking shopping items off my list and all) and I met up with Sal&Bru at 10am for a well deserved St Paddy's Day Guinness. Not the smartest way to start one's day but it was good fun ;)

Then I went out on a mad shopping spree ... and still couldn't manage to get everything I was supposed to, although in a bizarrely typical girl-shopping turn of events, I did get a bunch of stuff I never even considered I might've needed ;)

That evening I went to Sal&Bru's with She&War. It was fab. We played some 30 Seconds (Sal&Bru and I won!) and then went to Luca's for their divine salad for dinner and then ended off the evening with a little Eddie Izzard. A lovely evening spent with fantastic people.

Then on Sunday Varen came over before we were supposed to head off to the Pro20 Semi-final. He came to tell me something I was going to tell him today. At this point we are officially broken-up. It was sad, for all the great things about the relationship, but also a little bit of a relief for all the ways we were completely incompatible. Luckily I hope we managed to spot this problem before we did each other any real damage. Things were starting to get nasty and the bad times were starting to out number the good. And that's not to say we don't like each other, we do ... just differently. He spent a long time waiting and hoping I would feel as strongly about him as he felt about me. I spent a long time trying to live up to an expectation that I wasn't comfortable with.

In a weird way our experience mirror's mine & Bean's ... I'm just playing opposite parts. With Bean I was the one who couldn't understand why he couldn't / didn't love me the way I wanted him to when it seemed so simple to me. And with Varen I was the one who couldn't love him the way he wanted me to. Oh the irony ...

Anyway, I think ... or rather I hope, we'll become good friends because at the end of the day we've always enjoyed each other's company and had a good laugh together. So that's what I'm hoping for ... obviously he has a bit of a say in it so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Actually, although there were a few tears as we realised that we just couldn't wish this to work or make it happen any other way, we left things quite upbeat and I think we'll both be fine.

And then Loulou and I went to the Pro 20 cricket at Wanderers with some friends of hers. A pretty cool game ... the Highveld Lion's cleaned up which means the final will be here against the Cape Cobra's ... which is fabulous for me since I am, after all, from Cape Town ;) So hopefully that's where we'll be on Friday!

So yes, an interesting weekend :)

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