Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Bank Rant

So, I've been checking out the competition for the 2007 SA Blog Awards and pretty much most of the Blogs listed as finalists. Came across this fabulous one up for Best Post: Does This Look Like My Happy Face by muddlepuddle.

Quick now, rush off and read it before you continue here. This post started life as a comment to that post and eventually got so long and ranty that eventually I realised that I just had to bring it over here and do a proper post.

Here is my lengthy comment-post:

yeah. banks on the whole suck. they charge you for everything you want to do ... including print out a slip with your transactions on it. And I hate bank charges!

And they work the most ridiculous hours ... and no matter how "online" they get, they still occasionally require you to physically come into your branch during these stupid hours that other working people are (surprise here) at work! And then there are the queues ... dare I start on that?

I can't figure out why society hasn't forced them into a smarter way of operating. What if every bank picked a day of the week. Standard Bank could take Monday, FNB gets Tuesday, ABSA gets Wednesday, Investec / RMB / Nedbank etc. can divvy up Thursday and Friday. There, now that that's done, you banks can work your silly hours on the other 4 & a half days of the week but on your day you open from 6am till 10am and then close till 4pm after which you stay open till 8pm.

That means that
once a week all the bank employees get to do their admin stuff during their extended lunch hour and, your bank is actually open at a convenient time that doesn't require the public at large to waste an entire Saturday morning or book a day off work to stand in your lengthy queues.

I hate banks. I wish I could keep all my money under my mattress. Although it may explain the million piggy banks scattered around my room ;)


Nico van Rensburg said...

"million piggybanks" -- she's not kidding folks i've seen them ;-)

Anonymous said...

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