Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Would You Internet Date?

Last night was quiet, had home Night with Loulou. I cooked. Nothing exciting, just pasta. Pasta is such a weird dish for me, although I love it ... I can't order any pasta in a restaurant that I essentially could make myself at home. So when I go out, if I'm going to have pasta it absolutely has to be my favourite Butternut Panzerotti in a creamy neapolitana sauce. Yum. My top spot for this dish is Giovanni's in Rivonia Road or Sale e Pepe in the South Road Morningview Centre. Neither of which have proper websites, annoying.

Oh, and I've stopped belly dancing for all the reasons it started to annoy me (see last week Tuesday's post if you're unaware). I've also stopped watching Nip/Tuck for all the reasons it was annoying me. I just can't relate to any of the characters and they just irritate me ... so why watch, really?

But I did watch the new American Idol. I haven't seen Simon Cowell since his days back on the original UK Pop Idol with Gareth Gates & Will Young. He's not as sharp anymore, but there were some truly shocking auditions that left Loulou and I in hysterical laughter. And I ended up watching the first episode of Prison Break Season 2 that started last night. I was pretty against watching it originally ... I don't like to watch these sorts of series on television, who can wait a whole week for the follow up episode. On dvd and watching a season as fast as possible are definitely the way to go with that, 24, Lost etc.

So it was a pretty quiet night.

In other news, my friend sent me a link to an online dating site she's busy working on. Even tho I'm mostly (except for this blog) out of the multimedia design industry these days, it's still nice to keep an eye on what friends are working on. The site is called Singles in the City ... clever name, my interest was piqued already. They had, at least, put more thought into it than whatever boring things these millions of sites are called lately.

So I checked out the site. It's beautifully designed. And it reminded me of the few friends I have who have actually tried Internet Dating and come away still single. I have yet to hear a true success story from anyone I know personally ... except for one friend from high school
who technically met her now husband online. Well, as far as I know it was thru mutual online friends. But that still wasn't Internet Dating per say, it was just good old plain chatting, which was all we had back in the day ;)

Online Dating is an interesting thing, brought about by the Internet, that most people seem to have tried, or at very least considered trying, at least once anyway. I personally haven't tried it ... but I have thought about it. I just need to find a single-window first tho, since I have morals and all that ;) Although I think Speed Dating is probably an option I'm more likely to try since at least
you can see the potential person sitting right there in front of you (this swiftly rules out the lying Photoshop-ed pictures which people apparently regularly post of themselves!).

'm not so sure the concept works tho, I guess the funniest thing is stumbling across somebody you actually know on one of those sites. It happened to me. I wasn't even browsing an Internet Dating site, I was on plain old IOL when I saw her face. And there it is for all of you :) --> I haven't really spoken to her in ages so it was quiet bizarre to bump into her online, as it were. But, I knew she had been trying out the Online scene. I wonder if she's had success. Well, let me rephrase, any long-term success.

Anyway, I'm sure there are enough people out there who've had some experience or another with Internet Dating. I'm not sure yet if I'll try it out when the opportunity presents itself. I've heard some funny stories, some horror stories and of some serious disappointment from people who tried it out. Maybe I'd do it one day for a laugh. Hey, if people I know are trying it then maybe there are some normal people to be found ;)

Anyway, and there you have the bizarre tangent I found myself on this morning. Wow, sometimes I wonder where these things come from. And if it reads a little disjointed, I apologise, it's because work reared it's ugly head mid-post and I sort of lost the tangent I was originally on :P Typical!

Update after relocating my original tangent: On the Internet Dating topic, I am reminded of a chapter in Freakonomics, a book I read recently. They have some fabulous Internet Dating stats in there! Unfortunately I am momentarily lacking any sort of recall on their actual stats but I do remember that they were interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on your nomination and ta for the link - i have gladly returned the favour and will be back, bringing my bags of cynicism with me :)

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