Monday, May 28, 2007

Back at Work

So I'm back at work this morning ... it's a rough adjustment after being away all week in a 4-star environment with soft skills training.

So, let me recap. Friday was pretty decent and we were pretty much the only group left by the evening (the stagger the groups, one starts on a Sunday afternoon and another, like ours, starts on a Monday afternoon). We spent the evening in the bar drinking Amarula on ice, playing a few rounds of pool and loads of 30 seconds (I love that game).

Saturday was a fairly hectic day. Not only was it a Saturday and we had to effectively "be at work" till 5pm, we had to check out before class in the morning and run a 3-year financial institution simulation. This turned out to be a far better day than I expected ... since I didn't think I would have much to contribute in this sort of simulation at all, being from an IT background (and not business or marketing). Turned out I did have plenty to contribute and most of it was even useful :) Did wonders for my levels of confidence, even tho I still haven't quite learned to control the initial automatic anticipation reaction of fear and worry and intimidation.

Anyway, went home round 5:30 on Saturday afternoon and am definitely looking forward to the second week of the course in June.

Loulou was huddled under a blanket in the lounge when I arrived back and the two of us proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend watching the entire first season of How I Met Your Mother. Literally, we did nothing else. I meant to go out and do some shopping (since I had pretty much nothing in the fridge after a week away from home) ... but that never happened.

So at least I felt like I'd had a bit of a chance to relax before the week back at work.

And that is pretty much it. Haven't done or thought about much of anything at all ... pretty much let my brain switch off after a whole week spent in deep concentration.

Oooh, quick update: During our Customer Services module on Friday, we got to spend a couple of hours at Sandton and I finally managed to find myself a new hand bag at Accessorize - my birthday present for mom. It is fabulous :) I am thrilled ... more so because I have been looking for a new one for a while.

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