Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upcoming Excitement

Righto. Big things happening here people! And I'm getting all nervous and excited and swirly :)

Quick head's up. I'll be off on a training course next week from Tuesday - Saturday. Who's bright idea is it to organise these things to end on a weekend, hello? But apparently it's quite a blast even tho you're not allowed to leave the conference centre for the duration ... but they have a gym and who knows what all else so shouldn't be too terrible! Like staying in a hotel :) Looking forward to it ... even tho it'll mean no blogging :( But I'm sure it'll warrant a marathon post on return!

And then, the even bigger news ... I have sort of maybe been toying with ideas for my 2007 holiday. See, since 2004 when the travel bug hit good and proper, I try to take at least one major international holiday per year of at least 2 weeks. In 2004 I went overlanding round Southern Africa for 5 weeks (Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique) with Wagon Trails - brilliant. In 2005 Bean & I went to Singapore & Thailand with Imaginative Traveller - highly recommended. And in 2006 Bean & I went to Egypt with On The Go - amazing.

So now I'm alone again and have been mulling over the idea of heading to Uganda to visit the Mountain Gorilla's in person ever since Band's boyf got to visit them thanks to CNN. I've been browsing around online and yesterday I started sending out some enquiries ... and today I'm almost booked. I'm nervous about how fast this has all happened, but I found an overland tour that's in my price range and covers all the things I want to see: the Gorilla's as well as the Wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara ... hell, while I'm there I'd better make it worth my while ;) So, I'm looking at going on Go2Africa's Gorilla's & Game Parks tour (okay, I don't know why the hyper link isn't working, it seems to be messing up the little wriggly things ... so here is the proper link, if you're interested you'll have to cut 'n paste it: frompage~overland/TourID~36 -> remove the space, it's purely there for display purposes!) in August. Yikes, I'm nervous and excited ...

Oh, and last night was pretty boring. Made it to Yoga - yay. Had Salmon Fishcakes (from Woolies) as an attempt to eat more fish ... apparently it's good for you and at the moment all I'm getting is from the sushi I eat regularly, which is also generally mostly prawn ... so insufficient, I'm sure. And then some time in the bath with my book and a few more episodes of Grey's 3.

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