Thursday, May 10, 2007

Viva Mental Health Days!

So I'm back after my mental health day yesterday :) I normally never do that sort of thing, I'm a good girl. I have serious eldest-child syndrome and ordinarily wouldn't do things like that ... but hey, why not? There's not been much going on at work and I needed one of those days just to chill out and laze in bed and get some stuff done. Stuff I never seem to find the time on weekends to do.

So I had a relaxed Tuesday evening with some delish Ghazal's take-out and spent Wednesday morning in bed with my book. Then watched a little Grey's and went for lunch at Mochacho's with Varen. After that I got my car looked at again. Thankfully the leaking oil had stopped but the little flashing oil light would not switch off. Apparently I needed a different width valve or something. I got it this morning and would like to say a *huge* thanks to Dion at the Garden Service Centre on Hans Strydom! You saved my car, man.

Then I went to get my long over-due snail mail at the currently most chaotic centre in Joburg, Benmore. Bean's got another speeding fine :P And then went off on a mission for my fish.

I've always avoided getting pumps and filters since I usually don't go for your conventional fish tanks and these sorts of paraphernalia rather hinder the aesthetics of my "vase" tanks. But the new fish of mine, I rather like and figured it was time to attempt the pump option. It turned out not to detract from the aesthetics of my bowl and it is working fantastically! I've now got a wall of bubbles floating up from under the rocks on the bottom and it swirls the plants around ... and the food, feeding time has become as entertaining as a lava lamp :) The fish seem to be doing much better and I'm loving the bubbles :)

That evening Varen came over to watch some more Heroes. We've been rather disconnected since Saturday, but we seem to be mostly, sort of back to our abnormal normal again. Good thing too, he's taking me to a secret location for the weekend. He's getting very excited about it, I'm dying to find out where we're going. It should be fun :)


lordwiggly said...

Do you have a treasure-chest and a pirate ship and skulls and other cool stuff at the bottom of your fishtank??

phillygirl said...

@wiggly - no way man! This is an aestheticly pleasing fish tank, not a kitsch one ;) I will attempt to take an updated pic of it this evening! There is an old pic here.

I are wearing the jean pant said...

Ooooh, secret location. Excitement!! :)

phillygirl said...

@pant - yes I know, it is very exciting ;) I can't believe the dear has managed to keep the location a secret for the last few weeks!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being spoilt, something I'm generally not good at or used to ... even if it happens to be by a "mostly" ex boyf ;)

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