Thursday, June 07, 2007

And It Was All Going So Well

Funny how moods change ... last night when I got home from a lovely dinner and evening out with JofH, I was full of hope and looking forward to one day being in love again and feeling that warm fuzziness. I guess his enthusiasm for the relationship he's in at the moment in infectious and reminds me how it should be :) This morning when I woke up, I was still filled with hope ... but this time that my jaw would one day soon be pain free. Blegh, damn friggin wisdom tooth removal operation has really dampened my week!

I know I shouldn't still be complaining, but I wasn't expecting it still to be sore. Well, it's not really too bad as long as I don't talk or eat or yawn or open my mouth in any way really. Anyway, I have high hopes that today will be the last of that and life will continue as normal after this. Being in some form of constant pain (this is a dull ache deep within my jaw bone - I think), is quite exhausting actually. So fingers crossed that it's on the mend, okay?

Anyway, back to last night. Dinner was good and at a fabulous little restaurant in Parkhurst called Cilantro. It's quite a pricey spot but the food was good. JofH was in complete awe of his Tomato Soup starter. I tasted a spoonful, it was good. I had their calamari starter which was also yummy. And then I did something completely un-me ... I ordered fillet as my main. Yes yes, I'll wait a moment while those of you who know me really well recover from the shock. I'll tell you that it wasn't an ideal choice. It sounded far better than it tasted ... "Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and basil pesto". By stuffed they meant a thin line spread across the middle so as to be barely noticeable. But I guess if I was more of a meat-fan in general it wouldn't have been too bad :)

And that is my story. I made the horrible mistake of taking a look at Varen's blog last night as well. And this morning he emailed me about the hard drive he'd ordered for me while we were still on speaking terms. I thought I could do this, but it seems I can't. Half of me desperately wants to see him when he pops by to leave it at reception, the other half knows we shouldn't even be mailing each other. He seems to be recovering from this nicely (based on his blog and his tone over email) and I don't want to mess that up for either of us. But I do miss him. I want to zip past this awful bit and get straight to the part where we can maybe even be friends. Maybe. Blegh, this is too much confusion for my morning. I wish I could cordon off bits of my brain and ignore them.


Lopz said...

I see my fear of wisdom teeth removal is well founded, even when it is an uncomplicated case!

phillygirl said...

paha. yup, it's not all jelly & ice-cream :) but I can officially say that there has been a huge improvement on the pain front today - must be thanks to all those with their fingers crossed ;)

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