Friday, June 08, 2007

Erm, You Did What?

So last night I went to movies with Varen. Yes, that is not a typo and it is not merely an attention getting first line ... it actually happened.

I hear you ask the immediately obvious question "WTF?". Okay, so let me start this story at the beginning. I left off yesterday wondering about whether I would see him when he dropped off my hard drive. I didn't think I would. I spent quality time on GoogleTalk with JofH debating the merits of seeing Varen and admitted that it was probably in bot hour best interests not to.

But, the crazy lady at reception wouldn't let a "stranger" (although he worked h
er for at least 2 years) leave a box unattended at reception for me to come and collect. Fair enough, I guess it could be a bomb ?? So down I went not expecting to see him, but there he was. Now let's keep in mind that we have not actually seen each other since a very bad-mood lunch on the Friday before he went off diving on the 18th, that's 3 weeks ago.

Now I guess we should've realised then the impact seeing each other would have. We've never managed to resist each other when we've been within 5 metres of the other. And this time we nearly nearly did, but neither of us could turn and walk away. So we went walking and talking. It was very difficult and obviously emotions were running high, but aside from everything else we'd missed each other. So I went with him to check out his new apartment that's being built across the road - which is why he thought it'd be easiest to deliver the hard drive to reception since he was nearby. The place looks pretty cool, although still a very serious construction site! Looks like he may decide to sell tho, since he was supposed to have moved in back in January - you know how new buildings are.

And then he asked me to go to movies with him. I knew it was not the smart move, but half my brain was protecting me and trying to convince me to do the right thing and not go. And the other half really really wanted to go. So I relented and he booked the tickets when he got back to his office.

We saw Next.

If you can see the future, you can save it.
In this adaptation of Philip K. Dick's The Golden Man, Nicholas Cage plays a man who can see into the future and change it any way that he wants. As he tries to avoid capture by a government organization, he must win the love of a woman (Julianne Moore) who he learns will be the mother of his child.

It was pretty good ... and has an attempt at a twist at the end. I say attempt because the end of the movie comes as quite a surprise. I did have one issue with the movie tho and it's basically a conceptual thing so I can mostly let it go and not let it interfere with my suspended reality while watching. But really, if you could see the future as Nicholas Cage can in the movie, can you switch the ability on and off? Because surely if you could see every outcome of every choice you made, surely you'd get motion sickness at best? And how exactly could you tell the difference between the "future reality" and what is really happening? Oh, and when would you actually have time for real life if you were just standing around watching the possible future constantly? So yes, a lot to ponder ... but if you take it at face value for the mindless entertainment it was intended to be, not a bad movie at all :)

So now here we are back in the harsh reality of daylight wondering about the tear in reality that was yesterday. Did it even really happen? And now what? I have no idea. At least we're agreed on the "no pressure" rule and we each have space to figure out exactly how we want to handle things. I'm going to have to have a long think about things this weekend and figure out if this was a serious lapse in judgement or not. Damn conflicting brain ... And why is the chemistry between us so over powering that it kills all logical rational thought. So there you have it, the drama is back, at the very least momentarily.


Marc said...

YAY !!!
The show is back on !!!
Missed having this around...

My 2c...You two obviously have very serious feelings for each other...why not enjoy it while you can...Life is to short to worry bout the small things, just enjoy it ;)

Dr. Marc signing off :)

phillygirl said...

Well, that is about the most positive comment I've heard about this new development from everyone I know!

I don't know what'll happen. Obviously it's going to require some serious thought before any decisions are made. It's a tough one when the right thing and the thing you want to do don't match up. And people's hearts are at stake here. So we can't be making frivilous decisions either.

Stick around, I'm sure there'll be more emotional ups & downs to follow!


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