Friday, June 01, 2007

The Last of My Wisdom, Gone!

Just a quick update ... I'm at home on 3G. Trip to the dentist went fine but I must tell you that having a wisdom tooth removed from your bottom jaw is a totally different sort of game to having one removed from the top!

With many strong anaesthetic injections the dentist pushed and pulled to loosen the tooth and after about an hour presented me with my perfectly intact wisdom tooth. Apparently it was an unusual one with 4 roots, which he let me keep :) Okay, okay I know that makes me sound like a complete weirdo, but I won't be keeping it forever ... just for the next couple days no doubt, as a souvenir of the experience.

I must say it was fairly exhasuting and I'm truly grateful for the anaesthetic (which completely numbed me from the middle of my lips all the way up to my eye!) and now the painkillers. So far I feel fine, just a little drowsy ... so there goes my free afternoon off work! I'm not in the mood for anything more strenuous than lazing on my bed with some tv series or my book.

But I must highly recommend my dentist, he was brilliant. I got referred to him by Loulou ... and here are his details for any of you who might be interested: Dr Alan Bartkunsky in Parktown North (011 7885315)

Anyway, that's the news ... have a fabulous weekend :) Oh, and Book Club was fab last night, nothing like a bunch of girls and a couple of bottles of wine!

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