Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pizzas for Lunch

Went to this fab little Italian place for lunch with some of the work gang here at the Second Site ... finally got ourselves organised! Okay, okay it is all the way out in the West, but the pizzas were divine and it was worth a mention :)

It is called Il Capo and unfortunately they have no web presence :( But it's at The Berg Shopping Centre, Gordon Rd in Roodepoort (011 477-8117). The venue leaves much to be desired ... you know the sort, those sticky plastic table cloths and dingy interior. But, their service was good and their pizzas were a fabulous balance of 75% topping to 25% base! Which is just how I like it :)

It's book club this evening and I'm looking forward to it :) This week has certainly sorted itself out. With only one quiet night on Monday, I ended up out for dinner at Lady & Bug's on Tues, last night was Music Group, tonight is Book Club, tomorrow Loulou has tracked down a party for us or apparently Flat Stanley is playing somewhere. Saturday night, Loulou is hosting a fondue dinner at our house and apparently there's another party on the go we might head to after ... and then there'll be much recovery sleeping on Sunday.

So it looks like, aside from the rough start, it's certainly turning into a fabulous week with lots on the go :)

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