Friday, June 08, 2007

Oops, I Forgot

Okay, there are a couple of other things I meant to mention in my post ... but I got sidetracked by the more obvious emotional type stuff.

Firstly, my jaw is so much better than it was on Wednesday. Yesterday I almost went entirely without painkillers - and I only eventually took before the movie because I knew I'd be munching on popcorn. It made sense at the time, okay. Plus it seems to be worse in the evenings, I'm guessing that a full day of movement from my talking does rather put strain on the healing process ;) Either way things are much improved ... even tho that damn stitch still has not dissolved.

Secondly, my gawd was it cold this morning! There was ice, yes ice, on my back windscreen. This is extreme. I've heard about Joburg frost but have rarely experienced much of it ... and this was at 8am not some more likely hour like 5am or something. And driving past the river near our house the fields looked white! Brrr, it sure is getting chilly here.

Thirdly, and this is a recent one, I have just read the "preview" paragraph I posted of the movie from last night. Now let's keep in mind that I swipe these preview paragraphs straight off the Nu Metro website, you'd think they'd be accurate. So reading that one, either the credits rolled mid-movie and I actually missed half of the plot or they didn't watch the movie before they wrote the preview. Julianne Moore is not the girl Nick Cage falls for ... and there is no mention of anyone ever being the mother of his child at any point in the movie. There really isn't. I was paying attention and I'm sure, even with the amount of noise from the annoying cinema-goers, I wouldn't have missed as crucial a part of the plot as that.

So that's the stuff I forgot.

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