Monday, June 25, 2007

Report Back: Day One

Okay, day one is finally over. I tell you I feel like I've been on this course for a week already ... and yes, I know I technically have already completed the first week, it was quite a while back and at the close of day one, I certainly shouldn't be feeling like I've already been here for a week!

Last night was fairly uneventful. I was annoyed to discover that after rushing here to check-in etc. there was really nothing else to do all evening. Unfortunately Varen had already headed town-wards (I'm in the Sandton surrounds) and was therefore unavailable to rescue me from boredom. Aside from dinner with the old faces, I put my time to good use and finished watching Lost 3 and almost finished Heroes too - 11 minutes to go! After dinner I promptly let him know that if he was out and about and maybe already missing me, a visit would not go amiss. He kindly obliged after his dinner in Melville and came to collect me. We headed out for some coffee (, hot chocolate and tea) with Zej (no longer, Ze-Jeff) & Hammi.

Was fab to meet them properly, in an environment where chatting is encouraged and none of us were sweating :) After dinner Varen relented by swinging back past my house so I could collect the multitude of things I'd forgotten - you'll notice I have no managed to upload some pics. Yes, that giant glass box you see behind my bed is in fact my completely amazing shower!

The course today was good. It's hard tho. Hard to concentrate for that long, hard to interact with these strange (although technically no longer strangers, everyone is so different and handles situations so differently) people all day. The day started nicely with an Airline Simulation - completely unrelated to our day jobs!

Other than that there is not a helluva lot to report back at this point. I managed to squeeze in those last few minutes of Heroes earlier and am moving on to the last half of Grey's 3 after this is posted :) Yay for me and my swanky hard drive!

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