Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Report Back: Day Three

So, the course has been going fairly well. The first 2 days were definitely not as good for me as I remember the first week being, maybe it was the topics. Today has been a difficult day, we spent it on tough conversations. I had loads of questions and even more to learn! Although I must admit I have good intentions when it comes to all this good stuff, it all seems a little too daunting ... and I haven't even begun to apply what I've learnt. It was a mentally exhausting day.

But, that may also be because I was up at 1am this morning watching the snow ;) Yes you read right, there was snow in Joburg last night and it was lovely ... but freezing! I sat bundled in a blanket with my balcony curtains opened watching it fly thru the sky. Then came the hail .. .which was the only easy picture I managed to take - since it was landing right on my little balcony. I wish that my camera could take photographs of things the way I see them, but due to the lateness (earliness) of the hour, it was a little dark for pics of falling snow. None the less it was beautiful to watch :)

On the mood-lifting side, I received a delivery of red roses today at lunch time from Varen - isn't he lovely, aren't you all jealous :) ? It certainly gave me the encouragement I needed to get thru the afternoon on an otherwise rough day.

This evening we were supposed to have a Cocktail Party with all of our managers. Unfortunately mine couldn't make it - production issues. So it lost some of the excitement I was expecting (seeing a recognisable face!) which is why I find myself here catching up on my blog while I wait for Varen to fetch me for dinner. Yay, he's breaking me out for the night :)

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