Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That's Why It's a Deadly Sin

Envy is a dreadful thing and I'm struggling with it a lot lately … with everyone. Everyone seems to have a far clearer idea of what they want from life and are therefore far more able to actually get it, you know.

I'm frustrated with where I find myself these days. I want to be somewhere but I'm struggling to find my mode of transport. I feel like once I had a car, which ran out of petrol and now I am wandering alone and aimlessly along a deserted dusty road.

Everyone else seems to have won a free Hummer and is taking the direct route on a newly tarred highway.

Ever feel like that?

I know, logically, it's not true. My perceptions of the lives going on around me are no doubt far different than those individual's perceptions of their own lives. And I also know that there are some people who are struggling along on their own path, which I'm just as grateful not to find myself on. But mine, right now, just seems to be awfully off course from the map I started out with ...

Okay, perhaps I got a a little carried away there with the analogy, but it serves it's purpose well.


Jarred said...

The solution is obvious...come work for me, find salvation.

phillygirl said...

Pahahahahahaha. You don't ever quit ;) This is not a work related crisis, this is a life in general crisis. So working for you will not provide salvation, except that we will spend hours chatting away and not waste precious bandwidth using GoogleTalk ;)

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