Thursday, June 14, 2007

There Are Spies Among Us

So I thought this post on last night would've ended up (if it's even possible) shorter than yesterday's, since I wasn't planning a particularly eventful evening. I was wrong.

So I went to Yoga like I planned.

And here let me digress and fill you in on the background required: During the course of the gradual breakdown of my relationship with Varen (ie. prior to last Thursday), he installed insta-group: He found himself this bright and shiny new group of friends ... who I've generally believed to be imaginary. This was all around the time I was starting with Bikram Yoga. Apparently one of these new friends of his taught at the same spot. Impossible I said. Turns out not so much, but she generally taught the morning classes and I only saw her on the few times she attended the same classes as me. I knew who she was. She had no idea who I was. At that stage I don't think he'd burdened the insta-group with our chaos. And now we're back to me going to Yoga last night.

On my arrival my usual instructor said "Hello Phillygirl". I was pretty sure at that point Varen's friend Hammi was adding two and two and getting five. She now knew exactly who I was ... or at very least had serious suspicions. I smsed him and asked if she knew I did Yoga there.

After class I got his sms saying she didn't. I was sure she'd figured it out somehow tho. I was right. A little while later she joined him (out and about somewhere in Linden with more of their group) and told him she'd met me.

Now, here's the bit of the story I like, turns out she rivals me in sneakiness ... which I can respect :) After the news that we were attempting things again, apparently a few of these girls decided they had to find out more about me so they trawled his blog looking for a link or clue to mine ... since we both removed the obvious side-bar links when we stopped speaking.

And they found one, which means they read my blog too. I'm not sure how far back they went ... that could make things interesting, but they knew enough to figure out that I was, in all likely hood, going to Yoga last night and based on what I said, their guess was that I'd be there in Hammi's class. They were right.

And so it begins ... I'm not really sure what, but it sure makes life interesting :) So, to Hammi, I tip my hat ... your sneakiness impressed me and shows a use of resources I would only expect of myself ;)

The rest of the night was also lovely. I enjoyed left over Il Capo's pizza for dinner (lunch from the day before), which was just as fabulous as when I ordered it :) And then I settled in to watch Little Miss Sunshine.

I liked this movie, it was sweet enough and had a fabulously unexpected twist at the end ;)

As did my evening. Varen popped in on his way home while I was watching. It was really nice to see him :) Things are certainly interesting. Things feel better, improved. I know it sounds crazy enough to say, but I think we've both changed in the time we spent apart. His is more obvious, he's more settled and sure of his life and what he wants from it and isn't hinging it all on my presence ... so there is less pressure on me. Me, it's far more subtle ... I think there are a lot of things swirling around emotionally, definitely some residue of Bean even, and some things are starting to settle and other things are still swirling. Okay, so I realise that wasn't very clear, but I think I've become more open to things lately, more available ... whereas before I was still trying to figure myself out without any interference. Things are pretty good right now :) I am smiling.

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