Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Work Blegh

Had a nice relaxed evening of Yoga, Woolies Tomato Soup and Lost 3 :) Things are still good ... except I'm a touch bored at work.

I hate this bit where you've done everything you can for about 3 (okay, exactly 3) of your projects and cannot move forward until other people get their asses in gear ... damn I'm not a fan of adult baby-sitting. If I ask you to do something or you need to do something for a project, get it done. Or at very least if your priorities are such that you don't have the time for it, let us know, please. That way we can at least pass the job on to someone who can.

Oh and another thing that is annoying me again ... communication. It doesn't help if the Leader of The Boys Club discusses architectural changes with TheBrad for a project I'm working on. And now I find out, after waiting a week to get this specific information out of the Tiny Greek, that neither he nor I have been told that they want to change the way our two systems are connecting. Aaaargh. Communication does truly suck in this place.

In other very exciting news, a very good friend of mine ordered a ring yesterday :) Yes, that sort of ring. I am so excited for him and the ring is going to be amazing (I've seen pictures)!

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