Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lost & Gone

Last night was almost fabulous ... I finished my book (just in time for book club tomorrow eve) and I *nearly* finished Lost 3. Unfortunately an implementation for work went slightly awry and took about an hour longer than expected to resolve ... which is why I couldn't finish Lost :(

So, the book ... Jonathan Kellerman's Gone.

Los Angeles is full of actors. For psychologist Alex Delaware, finding out what's real and what's not is about to become a matter of life and horrific death ...Called in to evaluate an aspiring actress accused - along with her boyfriend - of staging her own abduction, Alex is indifferent when the case seems to go nowhere. But then the girl is savagely murdered, and suddenly a straightforward script takes a decidedly unexpected turn. Dylan Meserve, the victim's boyfriend, has also disappeared ...Is Dylan a deranged killer, or another victim? Alex and detective Milo Sturges begin auditioning suspects and trawling the depths of LA's seedy underbelly. Then more dead wannabes start turning up ...

Now Kellerman's Alex Delaware novels were a definite staple of my teen-reading but I must say he is losing his touch. Although he still twists like a master, this was not as fabulous as I remember thinking his earlier works were ... but then again, perhaps I need to give them another read, maybe I'm just showing my age ;)

And then there's the traffic of late ... blegh. It seems to me lately that I continually get stuck behind the 3 taxi's that don't want to even go as fast as the speed limit. I think I worked it out yesterday as I zoomed past the dude at a leisurely 60km/h ... he was reading his newspaper. Sigh.

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