Friday, June 22, 2007

Work vs. Life

I'm not in a great mood right now ... why is it that when my personal life was in tatters, work was going so well. These last few days, as my personal life is providing a beam of sunshine in my day, work turns to crap. At the moment I have no interest in dealing with any of these people what so ever and continually feel completely out of the loop and like I'm the only person who communicates with everyone else and tries to make sure everyone knows what's going on. Anyway. Who cares. Thank goodness I just have to get thru today, which will be shorter than usual thanks to a Project Completion Lunch later, and then I'm away from them all for a week. I cannot explain how I am looking forward to that. Is that terrible?

Anyway, otherwise last night was lovely. Saw Varen for a bit ... we were supposed to go to Yoga, but skipped it. And then Loulou & I headed to Book Club. Was fabulous to see all the girls again :)

This weekend should be good, going to Phlippy's birthday bash this evening and then I'm being whisked away for Saturday night by Varen - since I won't see him for the duration of my course next week.

And then I'm away from Sunday afternoon till Friday evening ... I promise that I'll try posting, but it'll probably be erratic at best.


Code Central said...


Nice blog. I see you're using Snap for website preview. Why not give MyWebShots a try :0) it's local at least. lol*

phillygirl said...

Thanks ... had a look, would love to rather use something local but it didn't really seem very impressive from what I could tell. Perhaps there's just not enough info about it on that link.

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