Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yoga: The Social Event

Well, I'm certainly not in the right place to be posting now ... I have just come out of a meeting I've been in since 8:30am ! That's right, count it, 4 hours. No meeting should last that long. Tempers flair and people end up exhausted after discussing things in circles for such a lengthy time. Next time remind me to decline!

Anyway, the rest of the news is all good :) Varen joined me at Yoga yesterday evening, and the silly boy turned out to better than me ... even tho I've been doing it for friggin months now. Anyway, I already knew I wasn't all that bendy (which is why Yoga takes more will-power than you might realise for me to actually even attend in the first place! Nothing like paying someone to make you feel like a moron, but I digress) ... but still, you know, it's annoying.

I got to actually meet Hammi and her man (currently Ze-Jeff as per Life and Times, but he'd like a more imaginative upgrade ... unfortunately I cannot do this after one sweaty meeting, so consider it pending). It was weird and a little awkward ... since we were all standing around in spandex - not the sort of first impression one would usually choose to make, but sometimes it can't be helped ;)

After Yoga Varen & I headed off to dinner at Batuke in Parkhurst. The restaurant has a lovely vibe and the food was good. I had a brilliant squid head starter ... as well as more than a few spoonfuls of Varen's crab & prawn soup :) Mains were prawn curry for me (with real live coconut in a really good sauce) and salmon for him. I think I'd go back, if the mood took me ... but I'd be happier if, as a Portuguese restaurant, they had Chicken Trinchado. This is one of my fav items but I've found very few places that can do one I really like (Cappello's in Hyde Park and Xai-Xai in Melville spring to mind, but I'm always up for suggestions!)

Anyway, it was a nice and relaxed evening after a pretty educational day in terms of dealing with each other ... and things are still good :) He had a bad work day and wasn't in a fabulous mood and then I got unreasonably upset (such a girl). And although I'd have thought after all we've been through we'd manage to navigate these things a little better, I was wrong. But at the end of the day we were both smiling again and had learnt a little more about how to handle each other when things are not all bright and shiny.

I think he's a little surprised we survived these minor bumps because he's still waiting for this to break, again ... but every day we seem to realise a little more that it is different this time, and maybe we do stand a chance. We certainly enjoy spending time together and being around each other enough :)

So now I have to go and catch up on the first half of my work day ... oh and let's not forget it's time for lunch already ;)


lordwiggly said...

Sounds like you two are on the road now mended...good luck! P.S. Where do you find all these restaurants?

phillygirl said...

Yup, things are looking good at the moment :)

I'm a vast store of information on the various restaurants around Joburg ... I'm always looking for new ones to try!

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