Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catching Worms

So I'm in here at a previously thought un-godly hour. I have made a deal with my manager ... if I can manage to get in to work at 7am (and hour and a half earlier than my usual arrival time), I can leave at 3:30 in the afternoon. This sounds like a fabulous arrangement to me (it is only day one after all) because it is all in aid of me getting to the 4pm yoga class instead of the 6pm one. This in turn will allow for me to actually have some semblance of life during the week. Currently life only begins at 8pm in the evenings and this is fairly late to start with things like dinner (hence the appeal of Woolies heat-up meals ;) ) or going out. With my new plan, I figure I can get done with yoga and showered/bathed and it'll still only be 6pm .... plenty of time to go shopping or whatever else might need doing (movies / dinner out etc.)

Which is why last night was not terribly exciting. I went to yoga, made some dinner (spinach & ricotta pasta) and watched a little of Grey's ... not as much as usual since I had an impending early morning - that was definitely the hardest part, switching off and not watching just one more episode!

Just had an sms from Varen who was supposed to be up just as early as me for his gym routine ... he just woke up :) He fell into the "just one more episode" trap and only ended up going to bed at 1am ... silly boy :)

So that is my news ... and now it's on to the real work stuff :P


Nico van Rensburg said...

i couldn't help it damnit, Friday Night Lights Rocks!

Phlippy said...

What is it with you girls and Greys? Am trying desparately to comprehend but am not getting it...

phillygirl said...

I know, I know, Grey's has it's ups and downs and it's certainly not my all time fav (even by medical series standards!) ... I think I'm just addicted to series!

Although I wouldn't stoop so low as to watch FNL ;)

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