Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Welcome To The Gang

So I was in early again this morning ... exhausting stuff. But it definitely makes for a better day. I managed to get out of here just before 3:30pm and get to the 4pm Yoga class. Then I was ready for the evening by 6pm. Nice.

Had a minor crisis yesterday after someone at work pointed out that the license disk on my car was horribly out of date (expired back on the 31 October last year). Oops. So after I checked it myself, I flew into panic stations ... and naturally handled it like all these sorts of situations, I phoned my Daddy.Thankfully after many phone calls home and plenty of confusion around where it could be (turns out mom could prove she paid for it), I found it still in it's registered envelope. Shoo.

Mostly the focus of last night was finally meeting the rest of Varen's insta-group. And now I do sort of have to be sensitive about what I write here ... I gather one or two of them read this and I have only just met them.

The evening was nice enough as first introductions go, I must admit that it's been a long time since I was the only one in a group of people who didn't know anyone else there ... okay, so that's not entirely true, I did know Varen & Nambi (I think that's what he's calling her?). Anyway, it was at Piano-girl & Vori's (now where does that nickname come from??) place and dinner itself was a sort of comical affair, let me explain: Piano-girl called Varen earlier in the day to ask if there was anything I didn't eat (good start, very considerate!). To which he replied "Mushrooms" ... well, because I don't - I don't eat gray food, I know, I'm weird but that's the way it is. Which pretty much ruined her plan of Mushroom Risotto. So when we arrived later, slightly earlier than the rest, she said "I hope you eat asparagus". At which point I sneakily hid behind Varen ... well, because I don't. She'd opted for Asparagus & Bacon Risotto instead. Pretty amusing and my plain Bacon Risotto turned out just fine :) But it certainly provided an amusing start to the evening!

Other than that, I didn't really speak to too many of the bunch. It's kinda hard to break into a circle of people who have known each other for so long ... especially while I was trying to suss them out myself ;)

So not a terrible evening by all accounts, but still it was a little off-kilter for obvious reasons ... certainly not the same sort of comfort levels as when I hang out with Lady&Bug or JofH & YogaCherryl for example ;) But that's how it is with new people ... and it is definitely sort of nice to be meeting new Jhb people since, really, I know so few of them after spending most of my time in Jhb with Bean and his bunch, and we were all pretty much from Cape Town originally.

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