Friday, July 13, 2007


Nothing very exciting to report back ... went to yoga, was exhausted after, made dinner and watched some series.

Sheesh, that's a lot of hours combined into a one-liner! Anyway, this won't be very long (aside from the fact that I can sum up my night in a sentence) because today has turned into a very hectic day at wor kand I am only expecting to have my next breathing moment at around 11am! But then Varen & I are off to his (freezing) Free State farm for the weekend, so at least it won't be a long day :) Can't wait to do some serious relaxing in front of the fire with my books. Oh, and they have a whole lot of lambs that have been / are being born ... can't wait to see them - there's even one we can feed who was sadly (for it, not me) rejected by it's mom, yay!


Lopz said...

Hope you come back with all your fingers and toes! ;-)

phillygirl said...

Yup, made it home sans-frost bite ;)

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