Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Plaas Meisie

So, it's been a while and I have a lot of catching up to do this morning.

The weekend was spent on Varen's family farm in the Free State and although freezing, it was a lovely break. And the last one I'll be getting before The Trip so I'm glad it was relaxing! We drove thru a little later than hoped on Friday evening and arrived just before 8pm. Not too bad but still dark and getting awfully chilly in the Free State. We spent the evening in front of the fire watching Eddy Izzard.

Saturday was a fairly lazy morning ... although we were awake early, we dozed and read our books before emerging for breakfast. Then we wandered off to visit the sheep who've started having their little lambs. They were so cute :) Although sadly the one I was all excited to feed as it had been abandoned by it's mother had died before we arrived :( And then more sadly we found there were 2 more dead lambs - one had drowned in the water trough and another had got separated from it's mother during the night and died from the cold. Not a good start ... but there was a new little addition who was so adorable to watch as he didn't quite seem to have complete control over his legs just yet :) I could've watched them for hours. And listened to then calling to each other ... they really do all have different voices.

Around midday we popped thru to Senekal for a quick shop of last minute items and would you believe, I found the yogurt I have been scouring Joburg for there in abundance. I bought 4 tubs just to be safe :)

We spent the afternoon relaxing and started watching The 4400. By the end of the weekend we were half way thru the second season and I'm definitely enjoying it so far :)

Sunday was another relaxing morning with a breakfast of restaurant proportions: Omlettes with green pepper, salami, tomato and cheese and then strawberries on the side. We spent a little more time watching the sheep and then took the quad bike out for a spin around the farm to see the buck - shoo, they've grown since last time! And then we decided to venture out and down the dusty country road for variety. Unfortunately we only barely made it back to the farm on the fuel fumes. But we did make it back, which it the part that counts!

And then it was time to head home. We ended the weekend at Sakura for some sushi.

Yesterday I spent the entire day off-site in a day-long meeting. Exhausting. Yesterday evening was the typical Mondayness: Yoga and a quiet night at home with Jack Bauer.

> Will post some pics as soon as Varen is awake and can send 'em to me :) As you can see ... my pic has arrived!


Nico van Rensburg said...

i'll have you know i'm completely awake young lady.. :)

and in other news 5 more lambs were born yesterday morning.

phillygirl said...

You probably weren't back when i wrote that tho ;) Thanks for the pics ... and the lovely weekend away!

How friggin typical :P Just my luck!

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