Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Am feeling yucky this morning ... it has been getting consistently worse since Monday. I'll be calling my doctor shortly and keeping fingers crossed it's not Malaria - only cause it's less than 2 weeks since I got back. In which case this will be a very short post cause I'm hoping to get out of work in the very near future.

10:40am - okay, I'm pretty sure it's not Malaria, based on the Wikipedia symptoms of fever, shivering, joint pain & vomiting - I just have a sore throat. I had previously heard you should have any flu-like symptoms checked out in the 2 weeks after being in a Malaria area. Plus, my doctor is on leave today ... I'll call her again tomorrow.

Had a lovely dinner at Dino's last night for Varen's dad's birthday. Was nice to see his whole family again since I haven't since before my trip. The restaurant was good, my Spicy Calamari starter was fab and so was Varen's Crocodile tail steaklet starter. Unfortunately I don't think I picked my main course very well (Springbok and Pheasant Pie - based purely on the most divine Springbok Pie I've had at Pomegranate previously) and it wasn't as impressive.


Nico van Rensburg said...

good luck with the malaria test babe.. i'm sure you'll be fine :)



The Divine Miss M said...

Malaria? Now that would suck ... I'm sure you'll be fine though. Philly is indestructible! ;)


akika said...

she certainly is - and that's coming from someone who's done her fair share of trying to destruct the philly
[and yes, I am aware that destruct is not a word, but I like it]

phillygirl said...

Thrilled to know I'd be missed :) Thanks guys!

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