Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rush Out and Buy Cosmo!

So other than leaving work early today and heading home to read my book (which seems never ending!) and get some sleep, I got some very exciting news.

Varen called me just as I was arriving home, he'd had a phone call from Brother Swoop asking about what my blog was called - we'd all had a bit of a chat about such things at dinner last night. But Varen couldn't figure out why he'd even be interested till he was told that Brother Swoop's girlfriend had said she thought I'd got a mention in the September issue of Cosmo Magazine's Hot Stuff section.

I did, I did, I did! Now you can all rush out and buy your own issue of Cosmo (Varen did just that for me, mostly just to make sure the news was true before he told me tho!) It is very exciting and they said some fab stuff (on page 40, to be exact). Nothing like a little flattery to make one feel better :) I'm just a little devastated that they managed to get the web address wrong tho :( Hopefully the truly dedicated new readers will just google search by the name - since they included a handy screen shot.

I managed to sneak out for lunch (at Sandwich Junxion in Woodmead - not too shabby, but I think I'll stick to Subway & Sandwich Baron myself) with Varen too, after this news, how could I not? Plus I had to get the mag and read it for myself!


Lady M said...
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The Divine Miss M said...

So cool! So cool! So cool! Seriously phillygirl you rock!

Congrats ;)


The Old Man said...

Now That you're famous can you keep your site updated.
The joke is about a month old, and some of your blog links haven't posted for months

phillygirl said...

I think you'll find that it is not my responsibility to ensure these things are updated, Old Man - you're lucky I even include details like when last my blog links updated their site (you'll find I'm fairly unique in this) and the cartoon is merely an automated script from Blaugh - I never update it, it is updated by them and they haven't changed it since 9 July. So you see, all these things are not my fault.

I'd have forgiven you for pointing out that I'd been reading Wicked for far too long now, agreed, but I'm down to the last 50 pages :) Or that my music hadn't been updated recently ... but I haven't heard anything worth updating on the radio recently, so I blame that purely on the musicians of the world :)

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