Friday, August 24, 2007

Food, Glorius Food

Last night was quite a night. We had a work dinner at 7pm at Vilamoura. So, I dashed over to Varen's office (also in Sandton CBD) after work and we went to The Baron for drinks first.

Drinks turned into a little snack as well since I was hungry and Varen figured he might as well eat too. We kept it simple (or so we thought) with starters: Haloumi and Potato Skins. Turned out to be giant portions and I was left wondering if this had been a particularly good idea right before dinner at Vilamoura. But the food was yummy and it was lovely to see Varen, even just for a little bit :)

Well, the night at Vilamoura was good - we had some of the London guys out, so it was time to impress. We ended up eating fairly late as well as 2 of the guys were at our Action Cricket game (I skipped it again this week) ... we lost for the first time in my experience :( I started wit hsome more Haloumi, this time with Parma Ham. Was lovely, but I couldn't finish it. Mains were an amazing selection of shellfish. I had a platter of Lobster, Langoustines and Queen Prawns. Another Return Request bites the dust :) Not bad, I think I've managed to do them all in my first week back!

Dessert wasn't as spectacular as I was expecting. I skipped the usual Creme Brulee and opted for something new, Strawberries and Shortbread. It was a disappointment. Not that it didn't taste lovely, it's just that the 5 strawberry-halves on my plate were far less than I was hoping for. But it's okay, who needs dessert anyway ;)

In other exciting news, my boss mentioned my possible London move again - in front of everyone, so he must be serious :) This is good news cause I'd pretty much figured it was never going to happen. So fingers crossed on that one ... now that I'm just about done with my travels on the African continent ;)

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