Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Retail Therapy

I have just got back from a two hour shopping binge :) I tell you, there's nothing quite like it to make the work-day bearable!

Well, you see, I'd got to the point where I'd been doing documentation for so long, I'd almost forgotten what I'd really been hired for (that's since Monday ... it's long enough now!). And I wasn't in a fabulous mood this morning, something to do with not being able to fall asleep till 2am, even tho I spent the time till then yawning madly - urk. And no doubt some of it was hormonal ... I'm a girl, it's a valid excuse for shopping ;)

So today, I decided to duck out for "lunch", even tho I'd eaten mine during a canceled conference call. Quick aside, doesn't everyone think that the best part of conference call meetings scheduled over lunch, is that you can eat your lunch and no one is any the wiser (assuming it's nothing slurpy!) ;) So off I went, determined to get some new summer-y shoes, sandals or smarter slops, something in that genre. And of course, perhaps a new summer top or something ...

It didn't take long for me to get into the swing of things and soon (alright, 2 hours later) I was up 5 items :) I got a new dress in an unlikely yellow (unlikely for me, because yellow and orange are usually colours I steer well clear of), two casual t-shirts (in a light bright blue and a pink) and two more work oriented shirts (although that does not stop them being used on a night out!).

So, thanks to Hang Ten, Edgars and Truworths for making documentation that much more bearable :)

Oh, and I never did find any shoes worth buying ... seems I'll have to go shopping again sometime soon!


akika said...

I feel your pain :)
I recently got a lovely summer dress from Michiko London ... it was on sale for R75. And some very nice smartish sandals [black] from Woolies, though I don't think they're quite your style.

phillygirl said...

@akika - forget them not being my style, there's no chance they'd fit ;) I'll have to go back and keep my fussy self in check, cause it's not that there aren't loads of options available ... it's just that I don't design shoes, so there are none that I like!

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