Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our First Summer Rain

Last night was fairly busy. I finally made it to Yoga and I can definitely say that the 4pm class is more manageable heat-wise.

But on the other hand, perhaps it was the pouring rain that made it more bearable. Yup, the first of Joburg's summer rains arrived with business in mind yesterday afternoon ... and I'd left my washing out :P And now my fabulous new car is a mess of dust puddles :(

After Yoga, Varen and I finally made it back to one of the Goof Troop's Tuesday Night Dinners. It was good to see them again and the conversation flowed until I nearly fell asleep on the couch - I think mornings waking at 6am and 90 minutes of Yoga are not conducive to me being able to stay up past 11pm.

But, it was a good night out :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention my sheer unimpressed-ness with Netstar. So now that I have a new flashy car, I figured it was worth getting myself some sort of Tracking Device installed. Their technician arrived yesterday and very kindly accommodated my schedule. Unfortunately when I got in my car to go home my car was going crazy flashy "Faulty" Info messages on it's digital screen. Yikes? I phoned Varen in a panic. He said not to worry, he'd look at it when he came round later and if he couldn't sort it out, we could phone Netstar this morning. So off I drove in a fairly panic-y state with my front left indicator (in fact all lights on the front left side) not working! What if someone crashes into me, could I sue Netstar?

Luckily Varen managed to reconnect the lights - it turned out to be fairly simple and I probably could've figured it out if I hadn't been rushing off to Yoga. Shooo, did I breathe a sigh of relief :)

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