Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time To Celebrate

Wowee, last night was cause for celebration :) It started with the best of intentions to go and attempt Yoga again, but my rubber arm was easily twisted with the news that Varen was off to finally sign the Offer to Purchase on his new house. We found this place before I even left on my trip, but his lawyer has been going thru the contract with a fine tooth comb and based on the number of corrections she made to it, I'm pretty sure he's glad he waited for that rather than signing up front.

So, yesterday was the day and at 5pm I was next to him as he signed :) After that we went out to celebrate the purchase of my car (finally, here are a few pics) and his house (both in less than a week) at Xai Xai in Melville. Originally we only intended a few darwa's but succumbed to their divine Chicken Trinchado :)

So come November 1, he'll be living up the road from me ... actually he wants me to live with him, but I'm still undecided on that one. It's not that I don't want to live with him, I actually haven't even got to being able to consider that bit of it ... it's more that I have lived with my last 2 boyfs (The Lying Pilot and Bean) and neither worked out.

The experience of moving out from Bean's place last year was pretty traumatic, aside from all the emotional relationship stuff, because that was my home for 2 years ... yet in the end, it wasn't mine and I was the one who had to leave. I helped decorate it and chose the flowers for the garden yet in the end none of it mattered. I realise I'm in a transient place still, by renting my room at Loulou's place, but I crave something of my own that I won't have to leave, that I can decorate however I want ... Does that make sense? That's what's holding me back, the decision to again be living in someone else's place, to get emotionally involved in a home that isn't mine. Maybe it's just me?

But on that same note, buying myself a home is now even further from likely, what with the recent car purchase :) Still loving the car!

Anyway, after our celebrations at Xai Xai, Varen came over to my place and we started a new British series, Coupling. It's hysterical so far :)


The Divine Miss M said...

Car looks pretty ... I'm jealous and I want one!

phillygirl said...

@missm - Thanks hon :) It's certainly a step up from the maroon chico!

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