Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Quiet Tuesday Night

Hmmm, let me cast my mind back and try to remember what we got up to last night. We skipped gym because we had a "late" work day (that's a normal work day to the rest of you ;) ) and then popped round to good old faithful Woolies for some dinner supplies - we can't eat take-out all the time ;)

After the shop, we headed over to Varen's to cook up a storm. Well, to be more precise, he cooked up a storm of Calamari, Veggies and potato bake while I bathed, read my book and caught up with my folks on the phone :) Such a sweetie.

Luckily we still managed to find time for one episode of Supernatural before bed :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention ... I hate trucks. I wish South Africa would invent an alternative to these behemoth vehicles invading every lane on our roads, because they are certainly not polite about the 8 car-lengths that they take up (and expect you to leave open for them in peak-traffic so that they can change lanes like a taxi-driver!)

And another thing ... I have something brewing in the back of my mind. I don't want to mention anything just yet, but it's there and I'm getting my hopes up :) It is a very exciting time for me, assuming I get the go-ahead from the necessary parties. But until I know it's a certainty, I'll be keeping it to myself :) Eeep, could everyone please keep their fingers crossed!


Richard said...

Nothing like relaxing while the significant other does the cooking hey... :)

And totally agreed on trucks. Especially on The Ou Kaapse Weg pass into Fish Hoek. They can hold you at 20km/h on that road for 10km. It's so frustrating!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh you guys know nothing about traffic until you have to drive in central London. Absolute fucking nightmare and a trip that usually takes about 20 minutes can take 2 hours!!!!

phillygirl said...

@richard - yup, nothing like it ;)
Oooh, I remember that from when I lived in CT ... or even on Boyes Drive is bad enough with that one lane & nowhere to over-take the entire way.

@missm - yup, that's part of the illusion I'm hanging onto to remove my "grass-is-greener" syndrome ;) As much as I hate traffic here, I'm not sure I could manage spending 2 hours switching between tubes & buses each morning just to get to work! Give me the chaos I already know any day.

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