Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Depressed Wednesday Night

Well, it wasn't supposed to be a quiet night at home, Varen & I were supposed to meet up with DJMike & Beukes (before he heads of to USA and is gone forever) ... but they were planning a post WineX dinner at 9pm. Please note that because of my generally early (6am) wake-up, my bed time is usually 9:30pm. Sad, I know but this is the only way I can mange to leave work at 3:30 in the afternoon :)

Anyway, Varen & I skipped gym cause of a terrible day. I was depressed over the realisation that my current dream (mentioned yesterday) is not as likely as I was hoping - I'm gonna need more than just your fingers crossed here, guys. I am actually still rather depressed about it ... you know when you think you've found the solution to all your problems and suddenly you realise that it's something you'll need more than all the luck in the world to acheive. I feel like a D student who's been told the pass mark is a mere 90% :P

And it wasn't just me, Varen had a rough day at work yesterday too. So we decided to skip the gym and enjoy some escapism (me already in my PJs at 5:30pm with depression) provided by Supernatural. At 7pm I realised there was no way I was gonna make the 9pm dinner (sorry boys!) ... I was already yawning my head off and certainly not in the mood to get myself dressed up to see people. Instead we popped out for a few mouthfuls of sushi and then crawled back into bed for one last episode of Supernatural before Varen started the long drive home, he had to be at work at 5:30am again this morning ...

And now it's the next day ... I haven't quite given up all hope on my dream but I'm slowly exhausting all possibilities of it happening :( I don't know how Varen is a) managing to stay positive or b) putting up with me in this funk. Thanks, my love.


Nico van Rensburg said...

no problem, for you i kill the bull :)

don't give up babe, it'll happen



phillygirl said...

@varen - sweet thing :)

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