Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyone Needs a Little Space

Yesterday afternoon Varen & I hit the gym (we did rather badly with our schedule last week and in true Monday stylre, were determined to pick it up). Except that I was irritable again. I don't know what it is ... it just seems to be everything about life lately. I mean, don't get me wrong, my godawful mood from Friday has dissipated. But, since the things that led me down that path in the first place are still around, I imagine it'll be rearing it's ugly head as soon as it all builds up and squishes me again! So I think I just have daily twinges of not feeling entirely right about life at the moment, and it makes me cranky.

So, in the interest of protecting my relationship with Varen, I sent him home after gym. And I went back to some peace and quiet and space in my room. Sometimes you need that, you know. A night where you can just do what you want to do without worrying what the other person feels like eating or watching or if they wanna read or not.

So I lazed in the bath with my book and watched a little more Desperate Housewives (so far Season 3 is way better than 2!) and prepared lunch and packed my gym stuff, chatted to Daddio and read a little more before bed :) It was the night I needed. I could miss him but more importantly I could enjoy doing whatever I wanted without inflicting it on him (yes, it's true ... only women and gay men watch Desperate Housewives voluntarily!). So that was my evening, it may sound boring, but that's what Monday nights are for :)


SheBee said...

I agree! Monday nights were designed specifically for watching DH and nothing else.

Although, my dad is neither gay nor female, and adores the ladies of Wisteria lane... hmmmm.

Also, I think that is why I am single and living alone, I enjoy my space way too often!

Lopz said...

Agreeing with Shebee... my boyfriend and male housemate are glued to the tv whenever DH is on. Do you think we have something to worry about?!?!!?

phillygirl said...

@shebee & lopz - hmmm, perhaps it's just my experience of boys, I haven't met one who didn't give up watching after Season 1, because let's face it, forging thru Season 2 took true stamina and determination. So far Season 3 is sooo much better!

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