Monday, October 15, 2007

I Want a New Bin

I wish South Africa had colour-coded Recycle Bins. I've seen them on tv, they seem to have them in America.

Veggie Global has a Global Green Law (Number 9) just for this issue, they even have a motto:

"Organic is Green, Glass is Yellow, Paper is White,
Metal is Grey, Plastic is Blue, Hazard is Red!"

And Kitchen Recycle Bins have some fab kitchen bins to make recycling as easy as throwing away rubbish. Back when I lived with The Lying Pilot, I had a two-portion bin that I used to make recycling easier ... and I've longed for something that helpful ever since!

I was raised by a recycling-enthusiast and our school furnished their entire Computer Room with the proceeds of their Recycling efforts. But, to be honest I haven't recycled a thing since I moved to Joburg ... without a handy bin, it's just too much effort. And also, I have no idea where to deposit my recycling efforts up here??


Jam said...

I agree philly - so many joburgers now live in complexes, and you would think it would be so easy to organise colour coded recycling bins for everyone to use at a central point.

akika said...

In Germany all public bins are divided [by colour] into certain categories [they're all labelled with pictures too, which is nice for foreigners] and you are apparently fined heavily for not separating different categories. Of course, they pick up the recycling from your hosue along with non-recyclable stuff.

Mr R Rabbit said...

We just have blue and black, recycling and non, though they're talking about planting them with microchips to measure the amount put in them, then fining people for wasting too much.

Unfortunately it doesn't take account of the number of people in a household.

ExMi said...

I've just finished reading How To Kill Your Husband....i really enjoyed it...

what you thinking so far?

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - exactly my point, wouldn't it go some way to improving our country :)

@akika - all these things they seem to get right elsewhere, how hard can it be, really?

@mrrabbit - well, I'm not sure which recycling you'd use the blue one for then ... cause is it paper or glass etc. But still, it's an improvement on the nothing we have here in South Africa!

@mistakes&thrills - Loving it :) Look out for the review on What Am I Reading when I'm done :)

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