Thursday, October 04, 2007

Heaven on a Pizza

So yesterday Varen & I had a rest day from Gym, but we will be back battling the forces of food this afternoon (Gym & Action Cricket tonight, I must be crazy!). Anyway, this opened the evening up to try a new (for us, although I gather it's been around a while tho) restaurant I'd been eyeing out.

I am devastated again with the sheer lack of web prescence but there are write-ups about the restaurant and they're all positive :) So, the restaurant in question is Lapa Fo in Emmerentia.

Varen & I went quite early (trying to eat an early dinner as part of a healthier lifestyle) and the place was empty when we got there (although another table arrived the same time as we did) - which is fair for 6:30pm. So with a little trepidation (although we'd browsed their specials boards before) we entered the lamp-lit restaurant. After Varen chose a lovely bottle of Stormhoek Pinotage for us, we tackled the menu and were amazed! Faced with so many strange and wonderful options, we both went for a half & half pizza and ended up sharing so that we each had 4 different quarters to taste test. I went for the more ordinary, the Percy special (I gather a favourite) with Bacon, Salami, Green & Red Peppers, Avo, Chili & Garlic - was fab. I can't remember all the toppings of my 2nd choice, but it had Cinnamon Pumpkin, Feta & Courgette. It was good, but paled in comparison to the other 3 choices.

Varen went for the unique and chose the most divine & decadent pizza toppings. His first choice was Bacon, Dark Chocolate, Pear & Feta and this was, by far, the favourite of the evening, for both of us. I would highly recommend it! Then he chose a more "desert" pizza option (yes, more desert than the last one, if you can believe!) with an assortment of fruits (Strawberry, Banana, Passion Fruit, Melon etc.) with Marscapone.

They let you chose between about 6 different pizza base options and we both went for the Wholewheat option. I loved it but I must say, a normal white base is probably more suited to the fruity pizza. The food was divine, Heaven on a Pizza :) We will be going back - they have a Thai Green Curry pizza I've just got to try (well, half of at least)!


The Divine Miss M said...

Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy :)

phillygirl said...

@missm - a most appropriate description :)

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