Friday, October 05, 2007

Fridays Should Be Better Than This

So I'm in a foul mood now ... it comes from spending an hour discussing hardware and infrastructure for our system. Discussions like this bore me to tears and leave me wondering what I could better have spent my hour doing (many things, let me tell you!).

Last night wasn't much better. Went to gym which is only made marginally not boring by Varen's prescence ... but I can't figure out the exercises. They don't seem to make me hurt in the right places or at all, even if I'm on the highest weight I can manage. Plus I'm convinced I don't get those endorphins released that other folks do. On the whole it means the highlight of gym is the fact that they sell Kauai :) Which I skipped last night anyway in lieu of my few slices of Heavon on a Pizza I had left.

Then we headed of to Varen's place. Unfortunately traffic was a nightmare and the cherry on top was finally arriving the million miles away at his place and realising I'd left my laptop in my bedroom. Not helpful and certainly did nothing to improve my mood.

We did the obligatory further driving (since they are stalling on the invention of teleporters!) and collected my laptop and then the evening (for the remaining few minutes we had left before I had to go to sleep) turned out okay.

But the good news is, it's Friday :) Although I'm dreading next week when TheBrad and my boss are both on training ... this means I'll have to bear the brunt of the workload for the week.

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