Monday, October 15, 2007

House-Content Hunting

A more stable weekend :) Friday night saw us heading to Cranks for the first time in a while. It served it's usual fabulous food, although I ventured from my norm and ordered a dish I hadn't tried before (it's served in a hollowed out pineapple). Needless to say, I prefer their curries and will be ordering my old faithfuls again next time :) It wasn't bad at all, it just wasn't what I head back to Cranks for time after time.

After the meal, we headed for Cinema Nouveau to watch Death at a Funeral.

Last rites... and wrongs.
On the morning of their father's funeral, the family and friends of the deceased each arrive with his or her own roiling anxieties. The son, Daniel, knows he will have to face his flirty, blow-hard, famous-novelist brother Robert, who's just flown in from New York--not to mention the promises of a new life he's made to his wife Jane. Meanwhile, Daniel's cousin Martha and her dependable new fiancé Simon are desperate to make a good impression on Martha's uptight father--a plan that literally goes out the window when Simon accidentally ingests a designer drug en route to the service, leaving him prone to uncontrollable bouts of delirium and nudity in front of his potential in-laws. Then comes the real shocker: a mysterious guest who threatens to unveil an earth-shattering family secret. As comedic mayhem and unfortunate mishaps ensue on every front, it is now up to the two brothers to hide the truth from their family and friends, and figure out how to not only bury their dearly beloved, but also the secret he's been keeping.

It was hysterical and just the sort of movie I needed in my state of mind. Although I was thrilled to see that people don't insist on bringing their toddlers to Cinema Nouveau, it doesn't seem that it stops people talking thru the movie. But the movie was funny enough to outweigh this regular annoyance.

On Saturday we did some more house-content hunting for Varen's new place. Although he's pretty much picked out a fridge & tv and looked at loads of washing machines & microwaves, this weekend was spent focusing more on the living area of the house so we went scouring any store that stocked couches, chairs, tv cabinets & dining room tables. It was exhausting but I think we've come up with some fab ideas for the place :) He is also now the proud owner of brand new cutlery & crockery :)

After spending the day rushing from Coricraft to the Design Quarter to Fourways Crossing, we headed to Lapa Fo for an early dinner. It wasn't as fabulous as our first visit, but I think that had a lot to do with working our way thru the menu because our choices were not as spectacular as before. It was still damn good pizza.

We ended the day watching plenty of Supernatural while the storm raged outside. This is not a good series to watch 6 episodes of just before bed, there are some scary episodes! Reminds me of the way every now and then, in the early days, you'd get one of those super freaky X-Files that would mean you were sleeping with the light on that night ;)

Sunday we rushed around a little more and eventually headed to Varen's folks for a very late Sunday lunch. And after a relaxing afternoon (at least part of the weekend should be!), we headed back to his place for a few more episodes of Supernatural.

Yes folks, I managed to miss every last rugby game this weekend. Although I would've watched last night's SA vs. Argentina game, we had to get up particularly early this morning and it just wasn't to be ... who schedules games at 9pm on a Sunday night?!? Admittedly I didn't even remember about the one on Saturday evening :P One of the perks of no longer dating Bean is that my life is no longer run around the Supersport calendar :)


Richard said...

Glad to hear you're feeling more sunny today! Nothing like a spot of shopping to end a woman's sadness... :)

I watched the last five minutes of the game last night, and I can't help but feel an inch of national pride, which is VASTLY against my core feelings for this Country. But hey, England's in the final too, right? :P

The Divine Miss M said...

How can you miss the game?! It was absolutely brilliant!! Was definitely worth missing sleep on!

@Richard - loads of national pride! The longer I'm away the more proud I am of my country and we definitely have things to be proud of!

phillygirl said...

@missm - I think you'll find that in the end, it really is just a 2 hour game and although I do enjoy watching a spot of rugby when SA is playing and will happily sing-along to the national anthem, not watching it doesn't change who won the next morning :) Thankfully SA won, how they did it is of no real importance except in those few hours.

But trust me, if they'd screened the game at 3pm on Sunday afternoon, I would've been glued :)

The Divine Miss M said...

It isn't just a 2 hour game! It is a case of national pride :P

The Divine Miss M said...

Plus, don't you know that they can hear your screaming advice and support? :P

phillygirl said...

@missm - I think you'll find that more than a case of national pride, it's a matter of opinion ... But I am glad you weekend was made complete by watching sweaty boys tossing a ball about for 2 hours :)

For me rugby is more of a convenience ... like all tv really. If I'm not actually there in the stands watching, it better be shown at a time that suits me or I won't be watching. Simple, really.

phillygirl said...

@missm - dare I recommend you vent your dismay at my missing the game at a more worthy opponent ;)

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