Friday, October 26, 2007

Two Things on my Mind

So, it turned out to be a quiet week. Well, purely in the "going out" social sense of the word. In actual fact it has been quite a momentous week. There are two things on my mind this morning. And I choose to focus this post on them since I can't possibly bore you with yet another "we watched series last night" post - although, we did because I didn't play in the Action Cricket game, I was supposed to be having dinner with Interviewing-for-a-Husband, but her overnight in Jhb got canceled ... btw. she is the one who recently announced her engagement on facebook. Damn, I was dying to see the ring.

So, firstly, the sad news my brain is desperately ignoring for the time being (although the rational part of me knows I should be mentally preparing myself). I will be going home to Cape Town for a nice relaxing (?) 2 week holiday in December. I haven't been home since February. My family is changing ... and it's going to be a shock for me, or so my folks keep warning. My grandfather, The Gum, is steadily and rapidly deteriorating due to his Alzheimer's or whatever they've decided it actually is. There were many scary stories when he was put on the wrong medication and slept with a hammer under his pillow and tried to sneak out of the house each night after bedtime but, thankfully those days are passed and now he's just a muddled mess of old memories. He and I were pretty close when I was young and it's going to be tough sitting there hoping he can stay focused enough to say hello.

And then there's the Peeb. I haven't written much about her here, but since I last saw her, she has been diagnosed with a chronic disease that has left my little sister walking with a stick due to some crazy form of arthritis that seems to be getting worse. I'm worried about her. I don't know what to expect when I see her again, more than anything I hope she's okay ... although when I read her blog, I know she's not really. So that's in the back of my mind. At least I'll get to see the Peeb sooner than December, we're all off on a grand family long weekend in Cinsta in 2 weeks, I can't wait :)

And secondly, the exciting then depressing and now exciting again news that I simple cannot keep in any longer ... it is pretty much taking up all of my mental processing currently :) I want to buy my own place. It resolves the question of me moving in with Varen before I'm ready. It also resolves the frustration that I'm having about living out of just a room at the age of 27. I need my own space, I crave it with every fibre of my being. I have wanted it for a while. It teased me when I lived with Bean, in what essentially was always his place, I just lived there with him. But I threw myself in whole-heartedly and got involved in the decor and made it my home. Which made it so difficult when I had to move out. Now I've spent a year living with Loulou and although I needed that time, hunting for furnishings for Varen's new house has sparked off this nesting instinct of mine again. And with me, furniture is a passion, I need to bond with it. I have very definite likes and dislikes ... if I had my own space, I would make it my own. I want that.

So on the weekend the thought popped into my head and slowly during the week is has become more than just a fledgling desire, it has turning into an overwhelming flame of need. I chatted to the bond people, unfortunately they can't tell me what sort of bond I qualify for without me actually applying first. So I got the forms. It was while filling out these forms that the excitement turned to depression ... I started to look at my funds (and where the hell all my money was going each month!). What can I say, I drew up a detailed balance sheet, I am the prodigal daughter of an accountant and a bookkeeper ;)

So, I wracked my brains, surely there must be some solution. I mean, after all I'm not looking for something flashy, I'm looking for a small one bedroom place (although, where the bedroom, lounge and kitchen are *not* all in one room and the bathroom is preferably not en-suite - who wants the guest traipsing thru their bedroom to the loo?). Plus, I was desperately hoping to be able to still afford to keep the place Bean & I bought ... since it has a tenant who is helping to pay off the bond and it is in a very good area.

Yesterday morning I began the investigation of my solution. I needed to scrounge up at least a hundred grand as deposit. And I am happy to report that after looking thru my Unit Trusts
(a huge Thanks Mom & Dad for having the amazing foresight to start saving for us since we were kiddies!) and various savings accounts, I have managed to find R150 000 lying around that I can use as a deposit ... which means I just might be able to afford my monthly bond repayments and the levy & insurance that'll naturally follow. I mean, I still won't be able to afford anything too expensive, I did just buy a car! But it means the dream has not yet died :)

So, I've starting browsing on Private Property and Property24 and on Saturday I'll be hitting the Property newspaper with my scissors and giving it a read with my fine-tooth comb. Exciting times :)


Louisa said...

That's fantastic! Happy house hunting :-)

akika said...

yay! excitement! I look forward to hearing all about it [and seeing the pictures]. And, really, I'm not exactly crippled yet. The stick is only necessary sometimes and now you know why I'm always cranky and never want to do anything. See, much better :)

Jam said...

I'll be holding thumbs! I'm sure there will be some happy nesting in your future.

phillygirl said...

@louisa - thanks :)

@akika - Yup, much better ... although I'll reserve judgment until I see you :)

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - thanks too :)

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