Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Drove all Night

So last night was very quiet, well aside from the honking of horns and the very occasional acceleration of a nearby car.

Varen & I hit the gym again - we're aiming for a minimum of 3 times a week ... more if we're feeling overly enthusiastic (hasn't happened yet!).

I've been wondering about gym. Is it all a matter of faith? Do you need to believe in the process of gym in order for it to work. I'm inclined to believe so ... I have never had faith in the gyms ability to affect my bod, no matter how many 20 minute sessions I spend on that crazy fitness-flyer thingy. It never has and although Varen thinks if we keep to his Schedule of Exercise, we'll see the difference in 3 - 4 months, I have my doubts. See, I do not believe in the Power of the Gym. And I think that must be what is holding me back from being slim and toned. But I just don't get it. There are these crazy gym people there ... they all seem to feel that spending 4 hours in the gym is the most worthwhile part of their day. You can see the strain in their brow as they pull an especially heavy weight and watch the sweat bead as they jog for their 50th straight minute. They are Dedicated and they believe. But, to be fair, you see plenty of the ordinary folks like me there too, just wiling our way thru our prescribed exercise regime, looking as if we'd be less bored watching paint dry or grass grow. I do my bit, I keep my heart rate up during my cardio workout and I try and heave the best I can when working on my arms or legs and God knows I push it when aimlessly passing one of those giant fitness balls from my feet to my hands when working my abs. But I still don't believe. Sigh, I just hope the Gym Gods won't curse me to flabby hell for it.

After a well deserved 10 minutes in the sauna, we headed to Varen's place - you drive and drive until you're almost at hell and you'll find it there on your left ;) And boy did we ever hit Joburg Traffic. You'd think by 7pm in the evening everyone would've successfully found their way home, but not anyone driving on Hans Strydom last night (or Mabilongwe or whatever they've chosen to rename it in the middle of the night without anyone noticing!!). Not only were the traffic lights out at the Highway on & off ramps, but some silly woman had manage to need her Merc-cedes Bends hauled up onto a flatbed truck. This blocked an entire lane which, combined with the friggin lights out (was this load shedding or just general failure, who can tell bot hare just as likely as the other) made for a frustrating drive. You'd think if dear old Outsurance were going to send pointsmen anywhere, it'd be to help in 3-lane traffic where everyone is fighting for the next available spot on the N1!

After eventually getting to Varen's place, we had a quick bite from Fish Aways (wasn't very impressed, although usually their stuff is fairly good, and far cheaper than Ocean Basket!) and managed to squeeze in just one episode of Supernatural before bed.


Nico van Rensburg said...

regarding gym, i think you're doing great.. we work damned hard and you'll definitely see results in a couple of weeks.. it doesn't require belief. it's kinda like sliding on a kitchen floor in your socks. /*thin analogy alert*/
belief or no belief you ARE going to stub your toe on the skirting eventually :)
see what i mean ? ...exactly.. so just keep it up.

slight correction on the traffic story, it was a white BMW, and my house is, although near hell, much closer to a far worse place, the Bedfordview traffic department.. shudder.. besides, hell isn't that freaking cold and windy

noodle said...

Keep up the good gymming! Are you two following any sort of program… I'm still tryna figure out half the machines!

The Divine Miss M said...

Meh, the gym is over rated. I just gym so I can eat nice food.

phillygirl said...

@varen - thanks for the encouragement, my sweet :) Oop, all those cars look the same to me ... but I did get the colour right!

@noodle - I trust in Varen to plan our daily routine. But he does try to keep me on the straight and narrow with 20mins cardio workout and then some machine-work focusing on either upper or lower body ... and then we always ended with abs (which is really just at the end to make sure you're glad your gymming is over!)

@missm -Pahahahaha, I prefer to go to a good restaurant for nice food :) But yes, gymming helps me justify eating Chocolate Pizzas too!

Lopz said...

I'm in the same boat as you with the gym thing.... I make myself go at least three times a week, I do what is expected of me and yes, I do see the tiniest of improvements after a couple of months of sticking with it, but I really would rather be anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, than struggling through 20 minutes on the tread mill.

I don't think it ever gets less boring, but it does work - just a bit ;-)

Marc said...

I reckon gym really works. I have been going to for the last 4 months, and is working. Have lost 20kg's. And carrying on. The 2 things I have found most beneficial, is eating right during the day, and the other was the wife gave me personal training sessions for my bday. The personal trainer I got here in Durbs is awesome, and having someone show you how to use the machines right, and do the exercises properly is a HUGE help...just carry works out :)

Lopz said...

20kg? My god, that's incredible! I do believe in the power of gym, but not to that extent... until now maybe. Perhaps I'll be that much more excited when I hit the ski machine tonight.

phillygirl said...

@lopz - well, as long as I'm not the only non-believer out there :)

@marc - thanks for the encouragement, I'm hoping that trusting my schedule to Varen turns out to be just as effective as paying a Personal Trainer, at least I don't pay him with $$$ ;)

@lopz - I think the key word in what marc said was the "eating right during the day" bit. Blegh, disappointing. But my hopes are that if I am doing more gym than before but eating the same, I at least should lose a few excess kilos and at the very least, not add any more!

Although, ideally I'd love to lose 10kg to 15kg ... but isn't that every girl's dream?

Richard said...

I'm much more of the "take it as it comes" kinda guy. If I happen to be overweight a bit, well, so what? I'm not unhappy because of it for the most part, so why depress myself with eating plans and gym?

I admire your dedication, but I'm definitely more in the school of "you are who and what you are. embrace it."


The Divine Miss M said...

Philly - if you lost 10-15kg's you wouldn't exist anymore!!!! Don't do it!!!!!

phillygirl said...

@rainbowchild - I try to accept myself the way I am, mostly. I've dealt with the fact that there are certain bits of me that will never be "a perfect 10" but I would like to get to the point where I didn't have to up-size all my clothes, you know?

@missm - trust me, I'd exist ... :) To be fair, that was a wish in an ideal world (where?) and I'd be just as thrilled to drop back to my average pants-size. It seems that the Christmas Feast this year was one too many and I've been doing plenty of delish Restaurant reviewing since.

Nico van Rensburg said...

eeek sorry for coming in late on this comment fest :)

@noodle : we generally follow Body For Life's routines in terms of upper body versus lower body work. they're available online here.

@miss m : sorry to say, but that's a perfect way to put on weight.

@lopz : what i do with philly is change up the workouts a bit so that she doesn't get bored.. time for a change ?

@marc : good on ya mate

@richard : good on ya mate

for the most part it's about being happy with who you are.. if who you are is a stone lighter they who you are at the moment then, well, you've got to work on it.
otherwise, shake that flabby biscuit!


The Divine Miss M said...

varen - it's not. I gym and burn calories so that I can eat what food I want guilt free. I get exercise which is good for my body and I eat healthily but I can have treats without worrying about it. I don't want to lose weight, I'm perfectly happy as I am.

For the record, as long as I eat that bad food whilst I'm gyming I don't put on weight.

Louisa said...

Phillygirl, why don't you try a few sessions of squash. It's a lot more fun than the treadmill and you're so busy playing that you don't even realise how much you're running.

phillygirl said...

@louisa - I tried squish once ... and it was fun while I was learning. But then as soon as the other player started playing "for real", I was lost. I just stood in the middle watching the ball zoom about - man does that tiny thing move! It was too frustrating for me :( But thanks for the suggestion!

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