Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where Is That Tornado?

So yesterday was madness, on so many levels. There were numerous "Storm Warning" emails going round Gauteng yesterday, warning that you shouldn't be out driving between 6 & 8pm blah blah. But what ended up happening (at least where I live, which is all that counts for the purposes of this blog), was that News24 created chaos by posting the "Storm Warning" story on the front page. This meant that companies started sending people home at 3:30pm ... which is annoying for me, because it's the time i usually leave (if I've managed to make it in by 7am). So the traffic was building along with the clouds. By the time I got home and ready for gym, Varen was gridlocked in traffic. After some thinking about it, watching the first bolt of lightning and listening to the thunder, we decided to give gym a miss and he headed back to work (he was gonna have to go back after gym anyway :( ). I watched the rain start pouring, thankful that my washing wasn't on the line (for a change!) and praying that the predicted possibility of severe storms with their 2cm radius hail did not strike my brand new car!!

It was all over in about half an hour and the sky proceeded to clear. It must've started raining sometime during the night again tho (at least after 11pm when I went to sleep) because it's still going this morning ... seriously, have I secretly moved to Cape Town's permanent winter?

Anyhoo, I had a relaxing night with my book (I have less than a hundred pages to go, I feel like I've been reading this book forever!) in the bath and some series. I finished Extra's Season 2 ... I like the concept of the series with it's "guest star", but I'm glad they only made each season 6 episodes because there's only so much watching someone get annihilated in front of people that I can do. It makes me squirm in the same way watching mr Bean does ... he's just too sad a character that eventually it stops being funny. I think that limit must be somewhere around five & half episodes :)

Also, I discovered a friend of mine in CT got engaged ... via facebook. I mean really? Fair enough that it may be the current best means to brag to people you haven't seen since primary school, but is this really how you should be notifying close friends of the news? I promptly smsed her ... apparently she thinks it is :P But I'm thrilled that she's finally got the ring, it's been a troubled time for her and the relationship of about 4 years has definitely had it's ups and downs!

Then Varen popped by for a quick visit on his way home from work ... unfortunately about 10 minutes before he arrived a Production issue reared it's ugly head and I wasn't a very entertaining hostess :(


Jam said...

The tornado hype was just crazy - reminiscent of the petrol crisis a few months ago. Joburgers are crazy. And my gym was beautifully empty yesterday :)

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - yup, it just shows (as if religion didn't already?) the lemming / herd mentality of the human race!

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