Monday, October 08, 2007

Didn't Move From the Couch

What a lovely and relaxing weekend :) The weather on Friday and Saturday was filled with Thunderstorms and lightning and as such Varen and I did little but watch the whole of The Dresden Files. I like it and was disappointed to read that the 12 episodes we watched was all they ever made :(

But , we did also have breakfast with his dad on Saturday morning at Queen Street Cafe in Kensington, not a bad little place, but not nearly up there with Doppio Zero for breakfast. Pretty good for a light bite out.

On Sunday (after watching the last 3 episodes in our PJs on the couch), Varen & I headed off to his mate Koet's place for a lovely seafood potjie and we ended up watching the Rugby (SA vs. Fiji), which was a more harrowing game than we were expecting, but thankfully, the Boks won in the end :)

Sunday evening was spent starting a new Series (I did mention it wasa super relaxing weekend, didn't I?) called Supernatural. I'm not sure if I like it yet, but we're only 2 episodes in so who can tell yet :)

Updated at 12:24. Ooops, I totally forgot to mention that we weren't total lazy louts on Saturday, we went to Varen's aunt's Cheese Shop (far out on William Nichol, nearly all the way to Erasmia, friggin miles away!). We stocked up on lots of yummy cheeses, mostly to take to the potjie as snacks (which went down fabulously!) but primarily because he needed some fab Camembert to finally make me the long promised Steak & Camembert dinner :) He made it for dinner on Saturday night and it was delish ... we skipped the usual Cranberry sauce and used some Marula Jam instead along with some yummy stir-fry veggies :) I love having dinner cooked by the man I love :)

Updated at 14:12. Oh, and we bumped into (well sort of, rather let's call it spotted them across the shop) Assumed Cheating Husband and his new girlfriend (from work, but who no longer works here) at Hi-Fi Corp on Saturday afternoon. So using our tremendous powers of sleuth, we've assumed that he is no longer a Cheating Husband but rather a Hopefully Separated Husband. I mean, surely if you hadn't yet called time on your marriage, the time you spent with your new girlfriend would not be spent in a Hi-Fi Corp, but rather in a seedy motel room? Either way, the whole thing still weirds me out.

See what happens when I blog at 07:27am ... clearly I forget stuff :)


Unknown said...

seems like you're motoring through my series's... you better come get some more - got lots more good stuff for you :)

Richard said...

That's where all the cheating men are. Hi-Fi Corp is a hot spot for the recently single, discovering how much money you women were costing them ;


phillygirl said...

@mike - yeah, we're making our way thru it slowly by surely, but we're dedicated :) Will keep you posted, but I've still got a fair amount left to keep me occupied.

@rainbowchild - Eeep, I do hope society has not stooped so low that bars & clubs have been replaced by appliance stores as the hunting ground of choice!

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