Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Weekend Away

So it's been busy - I think Varen & i have driven over 3000kms in the last week & a half!

Friday night was Varen's little sister's 14th birthday (yes, there is a giant age gap!). We went out with his whole family to celebrate to Moyo in Melrose Arch (by far the worst of all Moyo's in my opinion ... and I don't like Moyo to start with really). Generally I find the Moyo service is dreadful and the food well overpriced - I mean really, a hundred bucks for a salad?!? I guess they could get away with being overpriced if their food was anything special (like forum homini) or in substantial portions, but it is neither.

We all shared a starter platter of samoosas and then Varen & I each had a soup for mains - he wasn't feeling well and I don't find that there's much of interest to me on their menu. To be fair, the food was fine, neither here nor there tho.

Then on Saturday morning we were up early (6:30am) to start the drive down to Greytown, Natal to visit some of my family. Daddio was up visiting his dad so it seemed the perfect opportunity for me to plan a visit too. The drive was a mere 4 hours (nothing on last week!). After we arrived and dumped our stuff, we headed over to my uncle's place where we spent the rest of the day, having lunch, dozing, catching up with the family and then having dinner before heading home to my grandfather's place.

Sunday was slightly more restful, although we were woken by classical music at 6:30am. We spent the morning just hanging out with the family and my cousin made a special day-trip up from Durbs to say Hi as well :) After another good family lunch, Varen & I packed our stuff and headed home.

We've started on our latest pipe-dream (which we sincerely hope will become a reality eventually) ... but that's a story for another time :) Let's just say that day-dreaming about the future makes the drive go much easier!

Oh, and before bed we finished Californication - what a brilliant series :)

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