Friday, November 16, 2007

The Office Year-End Bash

So last night was the big office year-end bash. Now let me fill you in, usually (in my 2 years experience) these are held at the massive Sandton Convention Centre and decked out to extremes in whatever theme they happen to have choosen ... sadly apparently it also has quite a history of at least one person dying after the evening's event (although I'm not aware of it happening for the last 2 years, it's certainly a rumour that circulated before I attended my first one).

So, I was expecting big things ... the venue was Gold Reef City this year, I have never been to Gold Reef City in my entire 3 & half years in Joburg. It turned out quite nicely, open-air this time (as opposed to the roofed convention centre) which turned out especially nicely, even during the few bouts of rain (purely to cool us all down!). It was as spectacular as I remember the previous years being and it was the first year I left before midnight (as early as 9pm even!). The vibe just wasn't right for me ... but it may be because I'm currently pretty fed up with most of the people here and don't especially have all that much to say to them after hours (or even during office hours!).

But I learnt a fabulous lesson thru it all: I have the best boyfriend ever :) Varen drove me to Gold Reef City and proceeded to spend the evening hanging around there (at the casino so he wasn't exactly without entertainment) waiting for me to be finished and go home. Now that might not sound that fabulous to you, but he is by far the first boyfriend I've had who would even consider doing this for me. Firstly in a driving me home so I could feel free to drink as much as I wanted way and secondly in a not organising a boys night out or working late simply because I wasn't available way (which would've been Bean's natural route). So thanks sweetie :)

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