Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to the Grind

So yes, you would think that I would've posted an excited, refreshed holiday post nice and ealry and been easing my way back into the chaos of work ... I thought so too. You'd be wrong, so was I.

So, at the time I write, my delightfully relaxing long weekend getaway with the folks, Peeb, Button & Varen is a long lost memory. But for your benefit, I will cast my mind back to the tranquility of 48 hours ago :)

> If you can't yet tell, work has been more chaotic than usual this morning ... in fact it's been this way since Monday, but I have been blissfully unaware till now :) Oh, and I had like 304 unread emails to go thru ... let's not even start on all the unread blog posts in my rss reader that I have barely glanced at. Fingers crossed that things calm down in the afternoon :)

So Varen & I woke up on Friday at 1am, a time that can't yet really be considered "morning". And we drove. We drove and drove and drove. And eventually we reached Cinsta at around midday. The folks, with Peeb & Button, arrived later at around 5pm.

I'd booked a nice long weekend away for all of us (the fam plus significant others) at Glen Eden Estate, half way between Cape Town & Jhb. It was a brilliant idea and I think we may have to make it a more regular tradition :) It was so nice for us all to be on holiday together for a change.

The place we stayed was ideal and although not top of the range by any standards, it suited us perfectly :) The house is huge with 4 bedrooms (the one had bunk-beds so we didn't bother with that), 2 bathrooms, a vast lounge/dining area and all the necessary amenities (dishwasher etc.). We had a lovely view of the very windy beach and lagoon (although I can't tell you which cause I gather there are quite a few!)

We all relaxed and didn't do very much all weekend :) I read my book, watched a little more series (much to Mom's disgust!), played Fluxx (I love that game!) with whoever was willing and wandered to the beach & lagoon occasionally. We ate (a lot!) and slept (afternoon naps are winners!). It was a prefect break for everyone :)

The other highlight of our trip was discovering that the local Spar had hi-jacked an American Foods tanker ;) Kidding, they have some kind of consortium bringing in all sorts of American foods we'd never heard of (well, Button had, naturally), so we went a little wild ;) I can categorically say that Varen is now addicted to IBC Root Beer and Reese's Puffs cereal!

It was a marvelous weekend and my car drives like a dream ... but, it almost ended badly when Varen got stopped for speeding on our way into Joburg. Thankfully the officer let us off with a warning and he took Varen's fizzed up Litchi water. Shoo!

And now it is Back to the Grind :( But yay, it is a short week for me :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was The Peeb's birthday on Monday ... it was a good day and she got spoilt, naturally ;)


Unknown said...

Sounds divine...
Am looking for a holiday spot to spend with family Glen Eden a whole day's drive from CT?

Lopz said...

Welcome back!!!! Your input in Blogland has been sorely missed ;-)

phillygirl said...

@mrs - yup, it's a whole drive from Cape Town ... a little longer than from Jhb because of all the Stop-Go's due to roadworks. But, you do get a better drive along the coast ;)

@lopz - thanks hon!

SAL said...

Hi There
I was interested in the IBC root beer that you mentioned in your blog. Do you perhaps remember which Spar it was that you bought IBC root beer at. That is,the exact area in which it is located. I'm in Cape Town and the only Spar that sells root beer is in Sea Point. But They only sell Frostie root beer. I would really love to try IBC.

phillygirl said...

@sal - as you will see from the post, we were staying in a small town called Cinsta (near East London) and that's where the Spar was that sold the IBC Root Beer ... I think it may be a little far for you from Cape Town :) But I promise, Varen wishes we could find it anywhere else!!

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