Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bribery and Corruption

Last night Varen & I skipped gym ... I had a work thing (had a motivational speech by Nick Binedell). And then we headed to the Amazing Music Group's Year-End party. It was pretty cool, I quite enjoy these evenings with a totally different group, but I must admit that I sometimes struggle to know what to talk to some of them about. But it was lovely to see JofH & YogaCherryl again. They've just celebrated their one year ... something I was remembering while doing my own year's review because I remember so distinctly getting his phone call and hearing about this amazing girl he'd met :)

In other news, I'm being bribed, by work. So we're in the process of hiring even more newbs. And we have a guy starting who hasn't been referred by an agency or another employee. So my boss, who knows I'm not thrilled to be here of late, has decided that he'll put my name down as the referral person. This means that if the newb in question sticks around here for 6 months (I'm unclear on the exact time lengths) I get a fat finders fee. Naturally this is not only a money bribe, but also a working-time bribe ... I have to also stick around here to qualify for the cash. Cunning, very cunning.

Oh, and I found another fabulously interesting site (to me) via A Welsh View. It is a blog of Strange Maps. There is the craziest stuff there ... the picture I've chosen to include is the varying routes of the Mississippi river thruout history. I think it makes for a lovely image :) They've also got crazy stuff like the blonde-concentration of Europe and a guy who creates Alternate History maps (based on real life point of divergence, I assume where in history things could've gone differently and affected the way we view our world today) and it shows an Equinational Projection map which makes all countries identical in size. Very interesting stuff :)

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AmiDA said...

map's more like a painting!! nice..

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