Friday, December 07, 2007

Countdown to Holiday

Nothing exciting to say this morning. Didn't go to gym last night, stayed in and watched series with Varen.

Note to self: due to the continuous rain in Joburg (and yes, it's supposed to be summer), Varen & I must invest in the largest unbrella's we can find. The kilometer long path between his front door and parking spot is getting a little annoying in the rain. This morning I found myself turbaned-up in a towel to attempt to minimise the drench.

Christmas Shopping List:
Mom - no ideas as yet
Dad - ditto
The Peeb - bought yesterday :) And I'm thrilled with it
Varen - Got plans to track down something specific while I'm in Cape Town ... I only hope I'll be able to get it back to Jhb.

Oh, and I've started on Varen's travel-gift ... I have to do something to rival the amazing page-a-day letter and it's coming along nicely :)

Ps. there are only 6 more work days till I go on leave to Cape Town :)

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